Increase penis size naturally: 5 most effective exercises for penis enlargement

You can locate it by holding the urine mid stream when you urinate and this will cause this muscle to contract and you will feel it extending from the area behind the testicles and in front of the anus. You must only feel a stretch not any pain. Founding physician and best-selling author Dr. Some penis exercisers also use warming up exercise to warm down penis. When will you notice the difference?

Here Are Some Natural Home Remedies For Increasing Penis Size:


Erect length is the most important because most men are interested in gaining erect length. Then put measuring tape at the side of your penis and mark down inches or centimeter. It is important to use same measuring unit throughout your progress. Erect Girth also varies for different factors. To measure your erect girth length you have to use measuring tape or piece of sting then put it on the ruler.

The measurement of erect girth length is different for various people because different people measure girth from different positions. We recommend you to measure your erect girth from the center of penis shaft. This will give you correct measurement. Flaccid girth is awkward because different men have different flaccid girth as they measure flaccid girth from different position. Again the best way to measure your flaccid girth is by measuring it from center position.

Stand straight then extend your penis with one hand and use other hand to put measuring tape around the penis at the center of shaft. Mark the measurement and write it down into piece of paper. Before you start performing penis enlargement exercises it is important for you to remember few things.

The first and probably most important part of any penis enlargement exercise is Lubrication. It is important for you to apply enough amount of lubricant on your penis before starting any exercise. Additionally, you should look for lubricant that you feel comfortable with. No need to purchase expensive penis enlargement oils.

Most of these penis enlargement oils are nothing more than just mixture of few oils. It is necessary for your penis to remain fully lubricant throughout the exercise session. If you are having Vaseline in your home then you can use it for lubricating your penis as well. Before starting penis exercises it is important to cut off public hair. This is because public hair can cause irritation during exercises.

By cutting off public hairs your penis will actually make look bigger. Warming up exercise is important because it heats up tissues in the penis and reduces the risk of injuries. Warming up session can take around 8 minutes and we recommend warming up session before start any penis enlargement exercise. To start the warming up exercise you have to get short towel or large cloth and make it wet with hot water. Remove the excess water from towel by wiring it out.

Wrap the hot cloth around your shaft and testicles. Hold it for 2 minutes then remove the cloth and repeat this progress for two more minutes. You have to do this process for 3 times and then dry off your penis and testicles. Warming down is also important to reduce the risk of injury. Some penis exercisers also use warming up exercise to warm down penis. Unfortunately, many marketers jump into penis enlargement market just to sell their fake copies and make few dollars. For this reason we did our own research, download few programs and finally we conclude that there are only three penis exercises that are useful.

All other exercises are either ineffective or are just another variation of these three exercises. PC Muscle exercise is the most effective exercise because it helps in increasing length and girth of penis. PC Muscle exercise also helps in providing complete control on ejaculation.

With this exercise your penis will not only grow in length but it also increase in girth as well. There are many people who perform PC muscle exercise to overcome their premature ejaculation problem. According to some experts, PC muscle exercise improves penis appearance as well. All in all we can say that PC Muscle exercise provides lots of healthy benefits. The first step of performing PC muscle exercise is finding your PC muscle. For beginner it is little bit difficult to find this PC muscle because this muscle is located in between anus and scrotum.

To find this PC muscle you have to go to toilet and start urinating. Try to stop urinating and the muscle that gets tensed is the PC muscle. Another way to find PC muscle is getting erection and move your penis right and left without touching it.

The muscle that is used to move your penis is PC muscle. This is simple but very much effective exercise for penis enlargement. The sole objective of this exercise is to increase the blood flow into the penis when you get erection. The more blood you get into your penis the harder your penis will become.

Experts never set any limit for contraction and relaxation but as per our research we find 24 is the number that everyone must focus on. At starting you have to try doing 24 contractions and relaxations and rest it for seconds and start doing till 5 sets of these. If it is too much for you then you must start from 16 and slowly build it.

As we already see contraction and relaxation in previous section and in this exercise you have to connect contraction with your breathing. To start off this exercise you first need to relax and make sure you breathe in and out easily.

Now start holding your breath and count till Once you count till 20 then start releasing your PC muscle. Try to hold for more than 20 seconds and focus till reaching one minute. This is the exercise that will increase intensity in PC muscle exercise.

You have to start off by holding PC muscle gently and hold it for 5 seconds then your next contraction should be harder than the previous one. Once you reach your deepest contraction of PC muscle hold it for 5 minutes and restart again from the beginning.

Tidal wave is bit different from other exercises because you have to start from light contraction but instead of releasing it you have to increase its intensity slowly. Another important penis enlargement exercise is stretching exercise. But in the men fraternity, locker room bragging rights goes to the man with the biggest penis.

No one wants to be the short guy as it is quite a blow to the self-esteem. But sadly there are men who are unhappy with the size of their penis, they can follow the home remedies like how to increase penis size faster. There are many pills and creams available in the market that promises to increase the size of the penis.

But these will just end up frustrating you and make you spend thousands on products that will never live up to your expectations. So the best way is to use natural ways to make your dick bigger. These are completely free and will not have side effects on your health or lifestyle and tells you how to increase penis size at home. But if you want to rely on penis enlargement home remedies then you need to make sure you commit to the process and not lose patience easily as it will not happen in the wink of an eye so follow how to make big pines in home remedies.

You need to make sure that you drink at least 3 liters of water every day. Along with this take extra vitamin and mineral rich foods that will help to give your body the right amount of nutrients required for further growth.

This will also help you to get better results out of any peonies enlargement exercise you do at home. Take whey proteins and do penis enlargement exercises.

Whey protein will help you to gain a weight in the area you train. There are many different penis enlargement exercises you can do at home. You will be surprised to know that there are specific training that is dedicated to enlarging your dick. Most of these exercise routines are available online. It is important that you do them in the proper way to get best results. So taking whey protein and training those specific part of your body will definitely help to increase the length of your penis.

Taking amino acid supplements along with this also helps as it helps to build up fat around the area you are training. When you are training the penis area, you need to stretch the tissues of the penis. Penis stretch exercise helps your penis to stretch thus increasing the length of your penis. You can make the penis grow longer through continues stretching over a period. You need to practice them on a daily basis to get best results. This also helps to increase the girth of the penis along with the length.

These exercises also help you to strengthen the muscles in your penis and thus delay the ejaculation. This is an antique technique to improve the size of your penis.

By performing this technique on your penis, you are helping it with the blood flow. The blood flow increases and the Corpora Covernosa fills up more easily.

This not only improves the actual length and quality of the penis but also makes the performing power better. This is one of the oldest and trusted forms of enlarging your penis naturally. This is also known as hand stretching. This is a very safe process as there is very little chance of you hurting yourself.

You can be sure that all the pressure is in your hands, and you can apply the right amount of pressure yourself. But there is no certain proof that this is effective. This can easily be considered the most effective but most dangerous ways to enlarge your penis.

The basic theory is that if weights can be used to build muscles in other parts of the body then why not in the penis. One of the biggest benefits of these is that though it is completely natural it is bound to give you a good effect. But the con is that if you do not do it properly, then you might end up having severe trauma and even sexual dysfunction. The effect of this process is temporary, and once you stop doing this exercise, your muscles will go back to the normal size.

The process of this is that you will be required to hang some weight around your penis and then perform light exercises.

You can get special penis weights from the market so just make one for yourself at home. These weights are easy to make with the correct materials. These homemade weights are as effective as the ones you will get in the market.

Make sure you perform these exercises in a proper way to save yourself any problem. Make sure that the contractions are not too much as that will lead to tearing of tissues and have a bad effect on the blood circulation. You will not be actually gaining any length of the penis.

But if your body looks lean and thin then there is a good chance your penis will look bigger than normal. So this is a way to create an illusion that you have a big penis.

These are few methods to increase your penis. But always remember that your self-confidence is much more important than the size or girth of your penis. If you want to perform well sexually and keep you lady happy it is best to be confident about yourself and make her believe that you are the best at what you are doing. Hi ele, Height growth females ke liye 18years or mail ke liye 21 years mei ideally stop ho jaati hai feer bhi height growth ke liye app,.

Hi mam i am 21 years old. My penis is 5. I want atleast 6 inch. Your on the right page continue home remedies for the same. You are on the right page continue home remedies and follow the link provided. Hiii Mam, The only problem i have in my life is my small penis… It is just of 5. Hi Karan , I am sorry but then you can read this article and follow apart from that we do not have any capsules or cream for the same. Hello mam i want a larger pennis iam just 15 year old and my pennis is just of 3.

Hi mam, my age is 32 years and I am married. Hi pawan it is only a mental block I would advice you should take your wife to a counsellor as size does not affect performance, also try and follow the remedies mentioned in this article. My Husbands Penis is very small and thin. I asked him to visit the doctor but he feels shy and embarrassed.

How can I help him to grow his penis large and long. Please share some fast home remedies for Penis enlargement. I want to increase my girth.

I had an advice from a friend to tie a robber band around my penis to all more blood to flow in my penis. Hi Maha I am extremely sorry but have no idea about the same you can consult a sex expert for help.

Comment…i m 25 year old i want to increase the size of my panic so please how i increase it by using foods. I want to increase my penis size from 5inch to atleast 8 to 10inch and thickness too.

Please tell me how to increase size and thickness. Hi Mukta mam I am Suraj my penis size is 5. Hi Jigar you can follow the article link- https: Hi we are really sorry we do not have any product for the same kindly consult your doctor for the same.

Hi Prakash The condition which you are suffering from is premature ejaculation and they are many reasons behind it such as pyschological factors,anxiety, work pressure and stress, sedentary lifestyle.

Present time we are using Calcium with Vit D3 supplement in your products. Then after that we can enjoy sex life. Hello Krishna Nutrition is very much important for both sexual life and calcium deposits in knee.

Besides having orgasms is supposed to release endorphin A natural pain medication. I would suggest you to try using something like painkillers about an hour before and see if it helps you.

Also follow the below home remedies: I am also interested to increase the penis size. It is 5 inch at present and one — two inch more is enough. Plz help me mem my married is so neared so i want to solution on my whatsap num…….

And i am try at home…plz help me plzzz…mem…. What you used to increase your penise size from 7 inches to 10 inches?

As I am having small penise, i am feeling inferior myself.. I regularly read your post and find them interesting n helpful.

Thank u for such a lovely post. All men want to increase penis size. I too wanna increase my size.


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