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I am going to explain to you exactly how this scam works and what pieces of shit these people are so you don't get ripped off. They won't tell me. These are hardly the times to pay for something that does not work! So there is zero yohimbine and zero horny goat weed in these pills. Court documents reveal that Federal authorities are looking to file mail fraud wire fraud, and money laundering charges in the matter.

Avoid Fake Review Sites.

Men With Bigger Penises Enjoy Life More…

I haven't checked any of the cooking magazines but I wouldn't be surprised to see an ad for Maxoderm in one of them claiming is also a great salad dressing or something. Or maybe it can also be used as a car wax or lawn fertilizer?

Lab Report Was Horrible 2. Doctor Endorsement is a Joke 4. Claims are Totally Bogus. These company has been in the sex business for years and are selling this weak product complete with some of the biggest lies and false advertising in the business.

Their ads are a total scam! They claim these pills are doctor approved and will enlarge your penis up to 5 inches in just a few short weeks. This is biologically impossible. It is claims like these that put the owners of Longitude in prison. Do you know how many doctors there are in the world?

In the United States alone there are over , doctors. To get one of these doctors to say they approve a product - for some money of course - is not very hard.

Some doctors are for sale. Take some third rate doctor, down on his luck, offer him a thousand dollars, and many will endorse anything. Hypospadias is not a small penis, but is a birth defect of the penis that a miniscule percentage of men are born with.

It has to be corrected with surgery, and these pills will not do anything for this. Dimitri Zorken was not found by my private investigators to be a licensed medical doctor in the United States.

Just look at the lab report results. The product basically worthless powder. The testimonial in their ad from a man who claims his penis was 4 inches long but is now 8 inches long thanks to these pills is a total fraud. This stuff is a total rip off. Procylon tablets are packaged in an attractive box and their newspaper advertisements are extremely professional looking. However the laboratory test shows the ingredients levels in the tablets to be so incredibly low that they are basically worthless.

This ad appears in the sports section of newspapers across the country. It is a very attractive and inviting ad. It looks extremely professional. Yet the laboratory test reveals that the product is one of the worst we have ever tested. Auto Billing Scam Like Enzyte 2. Being Sued For Massive Fraud 4. Lies About Identity Protection Program 5. Pills Are Worthless Powder. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Individual results may vary. Beware of This Worthless Crap. What Works, What Doesn't? Back to Top Auto Billing Scams: Back to Top Counterfeit Products: Back to Top Fake Doctor Scams: Back to Top Free Trial Scams: Back to Top Mail Order Scams: Back to Top Penis Pumps Scams: Back to Top Powdered Herbs Scams. Back to Top Laced Drugs Scam: Back to Top Telemarketing Scams: Back to Top Website Scams: Back to Top Enzyte: Before he sold a his first bottle of Enzyte Warshak and Lifekey were selling sexual supplements that were advertised in the back of magazine like Hustler, Oui and Penthouse.

These sleazy ads which used the same LifeKey post office box as the original Enzyte ads are a far cry from the classy pharmaceutical advertising used for Enzyte. This Federal Prison is where Steve Warshak is residing now. Here's his address if you want to complain to him about Enzyte: Back in the company first started with full-page magazine ads the two-page magazine ads and then expanded into radio and TV commercials. The company has duped millions of men, has amassed by its own account hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, and has done so using a fake study, fake doctors, false advertising, sleazy billing practices, and fraudulent telephone sales.

After careful examination I consider Enzyte to be the biggest scam in the history of the supplement business. And as you will see I am not alone in identifying Enzyte as a scam. Postal Inspector and other law enforcement officials conducted a massive raid on the Enzyte offices.

Court documents reveal that Federal authorities are looking to file mail fraud wire fraud, and money laundering charges in the matter. Legal experts have stated that for all intense and purposes Enzyte is out of business and that it is just a matter of time before multi count criminal indictments are handed down. At the time of the FBI raid the company lead the nation in consumer complaints at the Better Business Bureau with over 4, registered complaints.

Since Enzyte is still on the shelves at thousands of retail stores nationwide, I will give you an overview of the Enzyte scam so you will know look at what this product is all about. He started selling Enzyte in under the company name Lifekey, and later switched the name of the company to Lifekey Healthcare and switched it again to the current name, Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals.

Prior to his entrance into the supplement business Steve started a successful advertising company which apparently sold advertising at hockey rinks around the country. He has a great deal of experience in the world of advertising. So they claimed you could almost double the size of your penis in only eight months. Fredrick Thomkins, a physician with a biology degree from Stanford and Dr. Michael Moore, a leading urologist from Harvard.

They are totally fake. Representatives from both Stanford and Harvard have no record of either one of the men. They were simply made up and the ad of course was classic fraud The Bogus Enzyte After its initial ads, Enzyte then featured results from what appeared to be a clinical study in their ads.

So what is the Enzyte Study which, along with the fake doctors and fake penis growth claims was the basis for all of initial sales of Enzyte? It was essentially a survey supposed conducted by Mr. Warshak of men who were taking Enzyte. The study was not done by an independent 3rd party. It was not conducted by a doctor. There were no placebos tested against Enzyte.

It was not reviewed by any peers or medical professions before it made its way into Mr. It was not done at a hospital or in a research lab. We are to believe that men got an erection, took out a tape measure and then measured the size of their erection.

If you believe this then you must also believe O. Simpson was really innocent or that and that the real killer is still out there. If you believe either of these then let me tell you about a nice little bridge I have for sale in Brooklyn… I have been told by insiders that sales reps were instructed to tell men over the phone Enzyte would make their penis grow six inches longer and stay that way forever!

Warshak, with the intent of hiding behind the notion of anonymous surveys sent to him by customers, or as the result of random, anonymous surveys taken of men when they supposedly called into his office. They were even tricky enough to use the following statement in their magazine ads: We will continue to defend consumer rights and demand the same from all advertisers.

There have been several different Enzyte formulas, yet the advertising claims did not reflect the changes to the formula. Initially Enzyte contained yohimbe. If you look at the laboratory report from IBC Labs which tested for yohimbine you will see the tablets had a good amount of the alkaloid yohimbine in them.

They also have a high amount of tribulis terrestris as well. The current formula, which is found in most stores no longer contains yohimbine. Lab tests reveal the level of L-Arginine in all Enzyte formulas I had tested were extremely low and therefore would not offer a man much benefit at all.

At the end of the day Enzyte was little more than a run-of-the-mill sexual supplement that used lies, deception and slick advertising to trick consumers into believing that both the product and the company were on the up-and-up. It was basically a high-class presentation of the Longitude scam, which was the original make-your-penis-grow-longer scam. It is a shame that Warshak did not use his obvious advertising and marketing talents to bring to the public a product that could really help men improve and enjoy better sexual health, instead of using his skills to rip people off.

He could have been a real asset to the natural health industry, instead hundreds of thousands of men who bought into the Enzyte promise, are now left with a bad view of natural supplements and this could sour them not only on natural sexual supplements, but on natural supplement and vitamins in general, which is a tragedy because there are so many great natural products which could greatly improve their quality of life. I guess he thinks its okay to steal peoples hard earned money by using fake doctors, phony studies and all the sleazy business tactics that have become synonymous with Enzyte.

Maybe he can call Dr. Moore and ask them to help him out! Now they hide from these claims totally apparently because investigators, authorities and class action attorneys and others are closing in on them. After I searched everywhere to find Dr. Frederick Thompkins and Dr. I hired two separate private investigators to try and track down the two doctors mentioned in the Enzyte ad, as having developed Enzyte.

According to two different investigators, neither of these doctors appear to exist. They just made them up out of thin air. Back to Top Extenze: If you watch late night TV you have probably seen a half hour infomercial for the the product Extenze, and herbal pill which its makers claim will make your penis bigger. The infomerical features a Dr. Daniel Stein and a bunch of testimonials for paid actors all claiming that their penis has gotten bigger from taking Extenze.

One may even claims his penis has gotten 1 inch longer as a result of taking extenze. The show appears to many as legitimate and Dr. Stein coems across a very credible. Not only were their claims incredibally false - but the pills also contains huge amounts of lead! See the press release fron the Orange County District Attorney. See the flyer below.

Stein wrote this advertisement which appears as a full-page ad in Stuff magazine. In the ad Dr. Stein makes it extremely clear that he has never endorsed any other penis growth pill before. He uses his medical degree to tell men Eztenze can maek their pensi grow.

He also claism that he agreed to appear on the Extenze TV show for free - implying he has not received any money for his endorsement of Extenze. As you will see he endorsed a scam product called Alzare which ran on television years ago before it was pulled off the air as a result of being a massive fraud.

Pictured below is a magazine ad for Alzare that Dr, Stien hoped no one would every see. Here is the ad for Alzare that appeared in magazines a few years ago. Stein is pictured right there in the ad for this product which was also a scam. Stein that give doctors a bad name. What ever happened to Alzare? Learn the Secret Behind Scammers Search a Phone Number. Was it another scam call? Called me 31 times!. This number has called my private cell phone line over 31 times in August and so far 17 in Sept.

I've blocked their number but how do you get them to stop? Lead Investigator at Scamcallfighters Illegal online prescription drug sellers.

They spoof the number to appear as a local American one. Unfortunately each one has copied the tag lines, layout and look of this website but have removed the industry leading brands and replaced them with their own products, products that they own and manufacturer themselves.

Another review site we found claims that Extagen is the best product on the market. We beg to differ because of its main ingredient called Yohimbe is considered unsafe by the FDA since Do not use or try any product that contains Yohimbe no matter what the website claims about the ingredient. Your health may depend on it. Here are the top 5 brands that our readers have told us to warn you about: We do not recommend them or the bogus review sites that list them based on several factors: The Ingredients used in the product are subpar or can be downright dangerous.

Some of the products contain Yohimbe. Yohimbe is NOT a safe ingredient. Viril-X is the latest product to hit the market listed as the best brand on the very same review site that owns the brand called buyerreviews.

These are hardly the times to pay for something that does not work!

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