9 Benefits of Human Growth Hormone, Including More Muscle & Less Fat

Testing the Size Genetics My size genetics extender Children who had a height below 5. Once you've reached adulthood growth is done. It works both ways, the conversation should shift a bit more towards she's loose not tight, rather than I'm thin or short. In order to translate that to bigger meat log, you need to combine that with a decent aromatese inhibitor to really maximize your gonad response by stopping the negative feedback to your pituitary glands which tells it to release aromatizing chemicals man boobs or gynecomastia if not performed correctly will ensue.

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HGH works directly and indirectly in the human body. Binds itself to Receptor cites found in the cell wall of Fat cells and muscle cells, HGH works specifically on fact cells, "burning them" in a sense and hindering their ability to grap onto circulating fat.

Thus some people see Minimal fat loss with GH. IGF-1 is what does all the "magic" its responsible for bone growth, cartildge cell repair, building skeletal muscle, stimulates protein synthesis in muscle and other tissues.

This is why hgh kinda looks intresting in PE this is not backed up by ANY study all speculation as it HGH also strengthens and heals connective tissues, cartilage, tendons, and increases collagen synthesis. BTW if you don't know Growth places an active roll in the repair and maintence of all the different types of tissue that make up your penis.

SO yeah it is kinda intriguing. One problem is that it takes up to weeks to have effect on the body, it is very very expensive and do not use it if you ever had cancer. Because GH mostly effects the body Indirectly their is not point shooting it into the dick, Cuz the good stuff happen when it gets transported to the liver and broken down.

Please don't Site inject your dick. If your looking to get some serious Fascia dick stretching going on just site inject synthol you'll put inches in girth in about 4 weeks I have a boat load of Hyge in my fridge hGH maybe ill do my own study log and see if combining growth with a Manuel PE routine does infact increase PE gains. Thanks for the great responses, guys. What a relief to hear that I won't have to inject it directly into my dick. I will be injecting in my ass because that's where most of my fat resides, and I have a lot friend gave it to me so I am doing this as an experiment as much as to maybe increase the size of my penis.

I will be continuing to lift, so I hope the HGH isn't being completely used up by my muscles which would seem to be a higher priority on the healing list. Either way, I'm starting soon, and I will let you know how it goes.

Iguana posted subpar results for two possible reasons: Don't you think if HGH made a dick bigger and safely that some smart guy would have done a protocol on it, got it approved, and be worth a zillion dollars by now? By T in forum The Gym. Join Now for Free. Welcome to the forum!

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Their physical fitness increases and a profound improvement in their cardiac function is observed. When a child is treated with growth hormone, a deficient child starts growing faster within a couple of months. One also gets to notice other benefits such as increased strength, reduction in body fat and progress in motor development.

Hardly any side effects are seen in children with growth hormone therapy. But cost of life is hampered as the child is required to take injections daily and sometimes as long as he is growing. Some severely deficient kids may need to take the injections throughout their lives.

The treatments could be very costly for the family and the child will have to be closely monitored by the physician every month to see this improvement and rule out side effects of growth hormone therapy.

Parents sometimes worry about the height of their boys. If the doctor assures them that all is well, then such parents should leave it on time. The doctors will prescribe a growth hormone therapy only if there are potential medical causes such as growth hormone deficiency, underactive thyroid gland or genetic disorders. If the boy is short but healthy, then the doctor will not prescribe a growth hormone.

In the US, it is approved to treat idiopathic short stature which has no medical cause. A growth hormone might be able to deliver an extra 1 to 3 inches of height but if both the parents are short, it cannot modify the genetic potential.

Till now it has not been found out whether treating young boys with growth hormone therapy might have some serious risks later in life. It might increase their risks with diabetes or cancers later in life. Growth hormone is not the only therapy that can be given to kid boys for their idiopathic short stature. Lower doses of androgens might help at times. The size of the genitals often concerns men. A desire for a longer penis size is common amongst males. Penis size cannot grow after puberty.

It starts to grow at the age of 9 and the growth completes till 22 years. Sometimes, it does not grow completely and some residual growth is left.

Due to testosterone deficiency, sometimes there is a micropenis which is quite short. Growth hormone is necessary for penis growth. The penis is constantly under stress and forced to regenerate new tissue and this process occurs smoothly when the body produces ample growth hormone. Taking supplements does lead to accelerated growth in the tissues helping the penile growth. The body experiences a natural decline in the growth hormone as one ages and one may not need growth hormone at that time.

Loss of muscle mass can be directly related to decreased physical activity and health in elder people. Growth hormone directly targets muscle mass and hence it is considered a boon for ageing. If older people are into routine and vigorous physical exercises, then they too can manage to slow down the process of ageing.

It has also become the latest fad for anti-ageing to enable one to look young. After taking growth hormone injections, skin feels tighter and sex drive increases.

It is said to reverse the process of ageing or slow it down effectively. It increases the thickness of the skin. It is also said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and reduces sagging of facial muscles.

An external source of growth hormone make sure that all the endocrine hormones are in perfect balance in the body. A person can become devoid of growth hormone at any age. Some are born with its deficiency. It is better to treat the deficiency else dire circumstances crop up.

Any three of the below mentioned problems in the body are a reason for possible deficiency of growth hormone and one should get it checked by a good doctor:. One should be aware that the deficiency of growth hormone is a medical problem and not a cosmetic issue. Just for aesthetic beauty of your body, one cannot take growth hormone injections without properly consulting the doctor. It could be due to a tumor in the gland which needs to be treated. Since , GH has been used to increase the growth in children who are naturally deficient or have some condition that impairs their growth.

The availability of this hormone increased by manifolds by when it was created synthetically. It was marketed to be used for children with short stature or stunted growth. The FDA also approved the use of this hormone for children who have a shorter height.

Children who had a height below 5. These children are given continuous injections everyday till their adult height is reached. It is a very costly therapy and a child is said to gain around 2 inches with this therapy. There are some side effects of this therapy like extra leanness, joint pains and increased blood sugar levels.

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