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About 1 in 25 men discontinued therapy from side effects, which included headache, indigestion, visual disturbances, and flushing. We found results 1 2 3 4 5 Next. After we have established the drug dose, we will then teach you how to draw medication from a vial, and also how to inject it safely into the penis. Yohimbine Yohimbine is a medication made from the bark of a tree that grows in India and Africa. This is not harmful and the semen will pass once the rubber band is removed.

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According to, Erwin Goldstein, M. The penis is filled with oxygen rich blood. To lose elasticity means the elastic tissues of your penis will not be able to stretch to capacity and fill with blood.

Sometimes we don't sleep well. The MUSE system uses prostaglandin E1, the same medication used in the self injection therapy, and has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of impotence. An erection should begin within minutes after administering MUSE. The duration of effect is approximately minutes. However, the actual duration will vary from patient to patient. The most common side effects that have been reported using MUSE are aching in the penis, testicles, legs and in the area between the scrotum and the rectum, warmth or burning sensation in the urethra, redness of the penis due to increased blood flow, and minor urethral bleeding or spotting due to improper administration.

MUSE was released in early and more experience will be gained over the first few years that it is available to the public through their physicians.

It is likely that MUSE will not be as effective as the self-injection therapy because of the variability of absorption of the medication and will most definitely be more expensive. The absence of needles however makes this form of therapy very attractive for those men in whom the treatment works.

Vacuum Devices The vacuum erection device is a simple mechanical tool, which allows the man to develop an erection which is suitable for sexual intercourse. Why do Vacuum Erection Devices Work?

Erections are created when blood in trapped in the penis much like air is trapped in an inflated tire. The more air that is placed into the tire, the firmer the tire becomes. Likewise, the more blood trapped temporarily in the penis, the firmer the erection. The vacuum erection device works by bringing more blood into the penis and then trapping it.

The penis is inserted into a hollow plastic tube, which is pressed against the body creating a seal. A vacuum is then created in the tube by use of a small hand pump. This in turn draws blood into the penis causing engorgement, enlargement and rigidity. After one to three minutes of vacuum, an adequate erection is created and a soft rubber O-ring is then placed around the base of the penis in order to trap the blood and maintain the erection.

The vacuum tube is removed and sexual intercourse is then possible. The rubber O-ring will maintain the erection until removed, and in most circumstances this can be left in place for 25 to 30 minutes. Vacuum erection devices work best in patients who are able to achieve a partial erection on their own.

After having adequate foreplay, which creates a mild erection, the partner can be of help in applying and using the vacuum device. In any type of sex therapy, the partner's full acceptance of whatever technique used is always helpful.

Advantages One of the major advantages of vacuum erection devices is safety. There is no surgery, internal injections or significant side effects. The vacuum erection device will work for almost any type of erectile problem.

The cost of the vacuum erection device is less than surgery or the continued use of self-injection treatments. The vacuum device can be used at the patient's convenience and at any time. Most of the major companies that manufacture vacuum erection devices provide a refund policy if the vacuum erection device is not successful. Some insurance companies will reimburse all or part of the costs.

Disadvantages One of the disadvantages of the vacuum erection device is the mechanical aspect of obtaining an adequate erection. This might have a negative influence on the patient and his partner. The device takes 5 to 10 minutes to set up, which technically interferes with foreplay. Some patient's body build makes it difficult to apply the vacuum erection device. Once the rubber O-ring is applied, there is not an erection between the rubber band and the body, making the penis somewhat floppy.

The O-ring inhibits the normal flow or ejaculation after orgasm in some patients. This is not harmful and the semen will pass once the rubber band is removed.

The O-ring should be removed after 25 to 30 minutes because of restricted blood flow. The erection will soften when the O-ring is removed. Vacuum erection devices might be harmful to patients who have blood clotting problems or use blood thinners because of bleeding into the tissue. Summary If you have any questions about vacuum erection devices, please don't hesitate to ask us. We have videotapes available for further information about vacuum erection devices, and you need only to borrow a tape or come into the office to view it.

Penile Prostheses Implantation of a penile prosthesis is one of several options available for the treatment of impotence. The penis consists of three hollow tubes running along the length of the shaft. One of these, the urethra, runs along the bottom of the penis and brings urine from the bladder out through the end of the penis.

The other two matched tubes running side by side on the top of the penis are constructed much like an automobile tire with an outer tube and an inner tube. The erection is created by the two inner tubes filling and pushing against the outer tubes much like a tire that is inflated with air.

One of the treatment options for erectile dysfunction is the placement of prosthetic inner tubes within the penis to mimic the inflation process and create an erection. Penile implants were first used in the s, and as time went on further advances occurred. Different types of prostheses were developed and hundreds of thousands of men throughout the world have been successfully treated with a penile implant.

Today there are three types of penile prostheses. These include the semirigid implant, the inflatable implant and a self-contained inflatable implant. Semi-Rigid Prostheses Semirigid implants are paired silicone-covered malleable or bendable metal rods.

The semirigid prosthesis allows the penis to be rigid enough for penetration, but the malleable rods allow it to be flexible enough to allow concealment in a curved position. It is the simplest of all prostheses and has the least chance of mechanical failure. It is also the simplest to place.

The major limitations include the fact that the penis is always semi-erect. Even with the bendability, concealment is a potential problem when wearing some types of clothing. Another disadvantage is that the prosthesis does not inflate so the erection achieved is only from the size and rigidity of the prosthesis. Inflatable Penile Prostheses Inflatable prostheses are the most natural of the implants.

These are soft paired inner tubes made of silicone or bioflex, which are inert plastics. The inner tubes are literally filled with a solution that comes from a small reservoir placed under the muscles of the abdomen.

A pump is used to transfer the fluid from the reservoir to the penile cylinders or inner tubes. The more fluid that is pumped into the inner tubes, the firmer and larger the erection. When the erection is no longer desired, the fluid returns to the reservoir leaving the penis soft and pliable. The major advantages of inflatable penile implant are a more natural erection with total patient control, both in the amount of fluid that is put into the penis, as well as the time the erection is desired.

The erection will last indefinitely until the patient transfers the fluid back into the reservoir. One major disadvantage is that the surgical implantation is a little more complicated than a simple semirigid implant. Also, with the multiple parts there is a higher chance of mechanical failure which might require revision or repair. Self Contained Inflatable Prostheses Self-contained inflatable implants are paired silicone cylinders which have a pump at the very tip of the prosthesis, along with a reservoir within the shaft that transfers fluid in such a way that the cylinder becomes firm.

The advantage of this type of prosthesis is that the surgery is somewhat simpler than the multi-component prosthesis. The major disadvantage is that the inflatable portion of it does not really increase the girth of the penis significantly. It is also not as soft or concealable as the multicomponent implant when deflated. Advantages of Implants Implants are effective in treating impotence due to almost every cause.

Prostheses require no further treatment after implantation, and there is no external equipment which might have negative connotations to the partner.

No medications or injections are needed and once the prosthesis is placed and functioning, there are no further costs.

The newer prostheses are very reliable and the chance of mechanical failure is very low, in the range of two to four percent per year. Patient Forms Videos Glossary Links.

Erectile Dysfunction ED or Impotence.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotence

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