It may be the beginning of a series. The whole skit is revealed to be Everybody Loves Francis. Gordon Freeman receives this from the hit-shear for his troubles in the Episode 15 cold open. Episode 14, aside from the opening and the Mac and PC skit, features little to no premise of any Valve settings, plots, or characters. In The Tale of Dirty Renamon. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded.

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The Modified Winged Eros

Homecoming in 30 seconds, to the tune of "Yakety Sax". My Car Hates Me: Parodied in Episode 7. A guy tries to escape from 1's wrath, only for a car, a doorknob, and a telephone to all produce the "failed ignition" sound. UberKleiner near the end of Episode 1. Offscreen Moment of Awesome: In the K, 1 and Chuck Norris have a fight And the scene was missing, apparently, showing the result being a crater and 1 being victorious.

Off with His Head! The Scout has a few since he has an "Oh Crap" voice sample, but there are other moments. In Episode 8, 1's tirade against YouTube is set to Neodammerung. Episode 11 had no Team Fortress 2 in it, until the end credits abruptly stopped signifying it needed to have some TF2 in it, so a brief shot of Heavy with a weird face appears.

It then goes back to the credits saying "quota fulfilled". The RED and BLU spies occasionally make these mistakes when infiltrating other games, such as forgetting that Francis hates everything, or that Solaire of Astora greets with his palms facing out. Ow, My Body Part!

In Duke Nukem Foreverquest "Ow, my children! Fred is of the " funny to watch him suffer while totally oblivious to how much his life sucks " variety. However, the Medic did fix his voice , so it isn't all bad. Don't mix Bonk with Sandvich! To make the elevator come down faster, not only does 1 press the button by launching at it with his head, he then wails on it with his crowbar.

Episode 12's first TF2 skit: Sent up and played with throughout the series. A few skits later, BLU Scout is building an impressive house out of Minecraft blocks, until the undead RED Demoman wearing a creeper skin destroys it in a huge explosion. Max Payne had the unfortunate, but realistic luck of A. Chuckles the Cheat has discovered how to warp reality using a cell phone, according to Word of God.

Hax is the only man keeping him in check. Remonstrating with a Gun: Episode 2's take on a scene from Falling Down. Goldblum, and he knows it. The rich guy's a jerk! He is the product of an experiment to create an army of androids to supplement the Combine forces , but he proved to be a Cowboy Cop and the experiment was terminated after his creation in favor of old-fashioned brainwashing.

Roaring Rampage of Revenge: The recurring appearances of Dr. If you're hacking something, he'll find you no matter where you are, yell his catchphrase, and smash you with a computer monitor. As of Episode 12, Dr. Hax has the Banhammer, a large mallet with joined CRT monitors as the head.

If the word "BAN" is on the monitors, one hit will ban the offender from reality for a certain length of time. Louis chasing after a jar of pills. This carries over into non- Idiot Box works. Gravity Cat not amused. Some of the characters. Used due to the Rule of Funny Serial Escalation: How crazy and over-the-top can 1's rampages get?

Also, how much more can Renamon be abused and killed? In "Computer Quest", Bo Schitt gets so angry that he reaches into the black letterboxes and physically changes the aspect ratio. Halloween candy to 1. As evidenced here , he's more than willing to prove it. Shoot the Shaggy Dog: A running plotline in Episode 4 involves Chuckles being trapped in an elevator.

He tries many different ways of getting out of it and tries to attract the attention of the security camera all to no avail. He finally makes it out via hacking, only to take a computer monitor to the head from Dr. Episode 7 features a homage to a Budweiser commercial.

Episode 8 features a certain oft-quoted line from Troll 2. Likewise, Episode 4 has a memetic line from Network. From the beginning of the same episode, we have 1 channeling his inner Kenshiro. Sarge shows up in episode 9 when Alyx mentions the gravity gun being used to clear minefields.

The super finish sound and "K. Episode 12's DayZ sketch. How does the guy react to slamming head first into doors that won't open? With Sideshow Bob 's rake growl from The Simpsons. Episode 13 has one to Mission Hill. The tune Bill raves to? It's from the Mass Effect franchise, fitting considering the skit in it's entirety. It is also overlaid with part of the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme, which is also fitting given the name of the character.

Mario jumping backward up a flight of stairs at lightspeed and rocketing through a city? In episode 6, the "I'm a Mac" segment leads to the Mac bragging about how much better he is than the PC.

Hax takes out Pyramid Head with one of these. Remember, the real Francis hates stairs. Also remember, the real Solaire of Astora greet with his palms facing out! This Is for Emphasis, Bitch! The stinger of the Breaking Bad skit. Stripped to the Bone: Nick in Episode 9.

The April Fools shorts. GMod Idiot Box Which caused a Big "NO! Fred is actually a real YouTube user who posts videos of himself with his voice sped up.

This video was the basis for the scene in episode 8, where Das Bo Schitt apparently found Fred quite annoying. The Tale of Dirty Renamon was created solely to spite viewers who complained about Bo Schitt's depiction of Renamon in his series. People's in-game spray logos, Steam avatars, YouTube avatars, Renamon tribute videos pop up in "related videos" when not related whatsoever, a number of un-creative people's fursonas were of Renamon, models of it on the Garrysmod. Irritation with it's constant appearance grew until Google images started wishing the destruction of my eyeballs by favoring porn images of Renamon more and more when I was searching for images to go into the videos.

The resurgence of Bob in the comment field of many Youtube videos prompted him to create a short that ends with a sharp Take That! YouTube Avenue appears to be the beginning of a series entirely dedicated to this, towards YouTube video archetypes. In the guise of a sitcom. Episode 15 contains two very strong take thats at Nintendo's YouTube monetization policy which is currently a very strong controversy among LPers and Machinima-makers alike.

Negative comments about the "misuse" of Renamon in Episode 8 prompted the creation of this. And yet it's still met with glowing responses and the fans lapped it up enough to give him time to work on the real Episode 15 which came out at the end of the month. This Is Gonna Suck: In Episode 5, Alyx tries to use the slow mo cheat on Quick Draw Heavy , and still loses, getting thrown across the room into a rack of computer parts.

Hax creeping up behind her , then looks at all the computer monitors on the shelves. Throw the Dog a Bone: In Episode 12, Chuckles helps Dr. Hax ban Dennis the Douchebag, a similar cheater to Chuckles. While Chuckles still ends up banned, Dr. Hax decreases Chuckles' ban time to just a week as opposed to Dennis's month. Spoofed in Episode While Chuckles' prank did not outright cause the demise of the victim, the victim was a Jerk Ass litterbug who threw an empty bottle onto a train track.

The sketch initially plays like this trope is being played straight, with DBS talking about giving Chuckles a break every once in a while, then brutally subverts it when a train derails because of said bottle and crushes the victim. Francis causes one in Episode 4. See all 64 collections some may be hidden. Subscribe to download TF2 Hex: This item has been added to your Subscriptions. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. Who doesnt like to be a tall fella?

So Request in the Discussions if your confused. Vtero Dec 21, 9: DevinCyanide Nov 22, 8: HurbMonky43 Nov 22, 8: Mtchelous Jul 1 7: How would i put this to my custom dedicated server via SteamCMD? I can't seem to put the addons in my collection since it's download. Illegalsnake Jun 17 5: Plus, i haven't gotten it to work. Illegalsnake Jun 17 Workshop updates automaically, and others don't want to make the extra effort to make sure one out of mods is updated.

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