Stages of penis growth and development

If the fetus is genetically predisposed or if hormonal production from the testes is compromised during gestation or during puberty genital development disorders can occur. January 7, Reply. I am very slim and I look young, like a 14 year old. March 18, Reply. Skip to secondary content.


Penis-enlargement Products and Practices

To date, there are no procedures that have been well researched. Also, none of the major medical organizations approve of any of them. If you are thinking of travelling out of the U. S to undergo these procedures, first speak to your practitioner about the risks and there are several. Scarring is a possibility and this could leave your penis much shorter that it was.

What Is Normal Penis Growth? Do Penis-Enlargement Products Work? These products will contain minerals, herbs, vitamins and hormones that could be harmful. They are also not clinically proven to work. These pumps swell up the penis by drawing blood into it. While they are used to treat erectile dysfunction and make the penis appear noticeably larger, the results are temporary. Stretching devices have been reported to increase the size by a centimeter or two but there still needs to be higher quality research conducted to establish the effectiveness of these tools and their safety.

Exercises such as jelqing are used to push blood to the penis head. While this procedure is considerably safer than the above, no clinical data supports its effectiveness. Needless to say, it can be painful and could lead to disfigurement and scar formation. Surgery Surgical procedures could do the trick but there are a lot of risks. The two common penis enlargement surgical procedures undertaken are: The guy would have to use weights and perform stretching exercises to prevent the reattachment of the ligament.

Controversial procedures have been undertaken to thicken the penis and these include tissue grafting, implanting fat and silicone. Widening procedures have had their fair share of risks and these include lump and bump formations in the penis. A Word of Caution Before you can undertake these procedures, understand the risks.

This will make your penis appear larger and increase sensitivity around the penis base. This helps enlarge the appearance and also leads to better endurance and strength. Talk to your partner: Be open to discussing your worries and sexual preferences. Finally, the average stretched length of the adult penis after puberty is complete is between 4. As you can see above, the latest measurement you submitted of your stretched size is large, even for an adult.

Is that troubling to you? Im sixteen and im morbidly obese I wanted to know if me being fat during puberty will effect how long it gets when im done because fat messes with your testosterone right and testosterone really effects the size right. Im 14 and my penis is in the normal size range but im worried its not thick enough. What is the normal thickness of a 14 year old penis and when shall mine get thicker.

I have a penis which is around 4. I married and my wife said that over 50 years she was never unsatisfied by me. We had a lot of intercourse in many positions. We made 6 babies, all normal What matters is how you treat her.

Emotions are more important than size. All you need is enough to touch her clitoris anyway! Hi I am 14 years old and my penis is about [redacted] and so thin because I am very fat my height is about cm and weight is about 67 kg and I am also having a big tummy when I mastrubate nothing comes out Please tell me I am very concerned about it.

In most countries of the world, kids do not see a doctor — let alone a kids doctor — every year. Basically they only see doctors when they get sick, if they are lucky.

Stop telling boys to discuss this with their pediatrician. Even when kids do get a checkup the doc rarely if ever checks their penis. Maybe in America they get their penis checked.

But America is not the rest of the world. Thank you for this astute comment. You are so correct. Thanks again, Best, MsGreene Note: Medically the measurements for penis size are based on stretched length not erect length. You can follow this length to find out how to measure the stretched length of the penis.

Sorry to disagree Cheryl, but regardless of who does the stretching you will never get an accurate measurement as it is impossible for one person to know how much discomfort the person being stretched is experiencing therefor its unlikely that the stretching will be done to the full length, the only true way to tell a persons erect size is when they have an erection. I agree that the the ruler should be pressed into the pubic mound due to the fatty tissue there. Like most boys I was curious about my size while growing up and tried measuring it both ways, but no matter how hard I stretched it, the results always came out shorter than my true erect length.

It would be interesting to see a study based on stretched v erect measurement, just to see how much of a difference there actually is. Hey Andy, You have a valid point. Doctors measure stretched length, which totally makes sense for obvious reasons. But again, valid point. At 12, you are likely still developing, but to check to see if you are in the average size range for your stage of development , you must measure the average stretched length , not the erect length.

Greene writes about micropenis here. My son penis is to me small although when he was born it was so small so i while he is growing it will increase now he is about 10yrs and am scared like will he have a normal life I have thought of consulting a doctor but I decided to Google it and check. I could send a picture so you get what I mean. Doctors do not measure the penis when it is flaccid or erect.

Their measurements are of the stretched length of the penis. Follow this link for instructions on how to measure the stretched length. The average stretched length of the penis before puberty is somewhere between 2.

The average stretched length of the adult penis, after puberty is complete, is between 4. During puberty it is normal for the stretched length to range between 3 and 4.

It can be normal in our culture to begin puberty as early as 10 years old or as late as Puberty is NOT set by your age, but by your Tanner Stage the system doctors use to evaluate development during puberty.

If you are not in the normal range for your stage of development, or if your development is before age 10 or after age He will be very understanding. I am 13, have hair on my balls, but my penis is only [] inches soft and about [] inches when erect, will it ever grow bigger? I am 13 years old and i have a few hairs on my balls but my penis is about [] inches, im afraid that it will never grow, i get random boners so i know i am going through pubery, will my penis grow?

Alexandra caring helper at drgreene. Is that normal for a 12 year olds. Sounds perfectly normal, Jeff. Hi Mario, That sounds normal to me. Hi John, Thanks for writing! It might feel embarrassing to talk about, but masturbation is normal and nothing to be ashamed about. Yeah,I excperienced the same thing,now I,m very close to 14 and I cum normaly that started happening about half a year before: Does BMI count towards your penis growth?

Penis size is related to stage of development, not age, however the majority of boys begin puberty by age Check this chart to see where you are in the development process. The size you state is in the normal range if you have not started puberty yet.

Puberty is NOT determined by your age, but by your development. You can check to find out where you are in development by checking your Tanner Stage the system doctors use to evaluate development during puberty. Also if you would bother, could you do one on voice change during puberty? One of the best things in life and being a kid is going on that journey to find out who you are, exploring this big blue world and the people in it, So there is nothing weird about finding your place, so just go do your thing little Brother.

I have been told to masturbate all I want by doctors because it is healthy. Before that I talked to my doctor because I had to masturbate to sleep and it Is still like that so almost every night I do. My doctor said it Is just a stage and I should be almost done and just keep doing it if I want because It is good it takes stress away.

This is all my doctor told me. I have some downy public hairs and arm pit hairs ,? What stage would I be in? Doctors call them Tanner Stage. I answer a lot of questions on DrGreene. Can you give me a rough guess on how big it will be? Also, do you have any tips on making it larger? Hi My question is different. My size is normal, I believe. But I never have a wet dream like other guys do.

I am 15 now. During puberty it is recommended that you have a physical exam once a year. Unless you particularly concerned or are far outside the guidelines above, you can bring this up at your annual exam.

I reply to a lot of the comments on DrGreene. As a concerned boy, it helped ease my concerns greatly just knowing I could find medical truth. Then it was 5. My name is jake my penis size well erect is [redacted] at the age of 13 before puberty is that normal? Depending on your Tanner Stage , you may be a little behind. The size you stated is just smaller than the upper range of normal for pre-pubescent boys.

At 13 you should have a regular physical once a year. Hi, em I just wonna figure out if there is a normal masturbation frequency. I usually do it once a week. Size is more dependent on Tanner Stage than age. When I ws a boy in the late 90s, the medical penis charts by age were accurate.

I had them memorized haha. Ever think this info could help another struggling 12 yr old boy? Great question and comment. We weighed the negative comments. Just like this one. It could go either way. But the posting of false sizes could contribute to the pressure boys are already under to measure up pun intended. Not trying to be repetitive, sorry bout that. This is a medical website where young people can glean from another kids struggles.

Nobody knows these kids, just their 1st names are posted. Has sizes shrunk in 15 years? Or, are they simply being lowered to ease concerns?

I hope the later is not the case. Kids need to learn to accept themselves as they are. That will benefit them greatly for life. Seems to me the doc is as bad as the dude who sadly had sex with the underage gal. Check out this post, Tanner Staging , to get a better idea of your stage of development. At 13, you may well have a lot of growing left to do. Hi, My name is cj and im 13 and ive already started puberty and my [redacted] is this normal for me.

This sounds well within the range of normal. Check out Tanner Staging for info about the order of changes during puberty. I have started puberty because I have tons of hair all over my body. Check it out to determine where you are in development. The average stretched length of the adult penis after puberty is complete is between 4. The size you provide is on the small side. It would be appropriate to bring this up with your pediatrician or a pediatric urologist.

It likely not urgent, but worth looking into. That means you are well within the range of normal. To me this seem very small.

Will it ever grow? At 12, you most likely have a lot of growing still to do. I have facial and pubic hair as well as a really deep voice. Is that area still not fully developed? At 15, you may not be completely through puberty. See Tanner Staging for more information. If so, discuss this with the same doctor who did the measurements. I had no significant visible signs of puberty until age 15, and having a very small penis was less of a concern and issue to me than lacking adult muscular growth and lacking secondary hair were.

Life got better in social, peer, and dating situations, and I ended up with a normal amount of face and body hair and above average height. My testicles developed and descended enough for me to be fertile and capable of having children I have two conceived in the usual way , but my penis remained extremely small, far outside the normal range for adult men. Thank you so much for this comment.

Would you be open to me creating a permanent link to this comment? Im 13 years old but my penis is about [redacted] so is that an average size? During puberty, the average length depends on where you are in the process. Check out Tanner Staging to get a better idea where you fall in the process.

Why is it not growing? Might be small forever. I am 15 years old. My penis size is okay. However, I usually masturbate, like once a week. I ejaculate, at least I think that it is, each time after masturbation. I am a little skinnier. I am wondering if this frequency of masturbation influence my health. For bone strength get good food, weight bearing exercise, plenty of calcium and vitamin D and not too much soda. Thanks for your reply. But I still think masturbation is my problem. And sometimes, I even do this twice a week.

Also I never stop masturbating more than a week. A week is the longest time I could control myself. Is there a scientific healthy frequency? I have quite a lot of pubic hair but my penis does not seem to be growing in size. Check out Tanner Staging for the answer to your question. Also, it great that you actually read the post before asking your question. Express your concerns to him and discuss your options. Will my penis grow or do I need surgery or something? I been having this problem since I was a kid.

Hi, im am 14 years old and my [redacted by moderator]. At 14, you may well have a lot of growing left to do. Okay, so im really stressing over my size, [redacted by moderator] am i gonna grow more, penis size and facial hair are the only 2 things i havent really reached yet in puberty. Can i please get a reply so i can stop obsessing over it?? Sounds like you have finished puberty and you may grow more. My penis is [redacted by moderator] plz tell if it is normal. I am Leslie why is my penis very small please help me I am 12 i really want it to become big it is [redacted by moderator].

Penis growth happens during puberty. At 12 you may not have begun puberty yet. Either way, it would be wise for you to bring this up with your pediatrician at your next visit. He will be able to examine you and determine your stage of development and the possible need for treatment. Hi Im 15 years old and I have [redacted by moderator] is that normal or is that to small.

Also when i look down at my penis why does it look so small. Will my penis ever grow in size? By 15 you should at least start to see changes. It would be appropriate to go to your pediatrician for a physical exam so he can give you more specific information. Its very small when non erected. I do have a few pimples though. Greene has responded to your question. Why are you people talking about penis its organ like any other.

S talk with parents about some fings. I have a lot of hair and [redacted by moderator]. There is a wide range of ages that boys and girls enter and move through puberty. Here is an excerpt from one of Dr. SMR 3 is the time when the testes get clearly larger, the penis gets noticeably longer then thicker in SMR 4 , and the pubic hair though still small in amount gets darker and starts to curl.

But my penis is very small when soft, what is the normal length for both hard and soft for my age? Individuals enter puberty at very different ages. At 13, you could be completely normal and be in an early stage of development or a late stage of development. It is the stage that determines growth, not age. We get a lot of questions about flaccid soft length verse erect length.

Neither is preferred in the medical literature when discussing penis length, but the standard is stretched penile length and that is what this post details. Your adult size is not linked to your age, but your stage of development.

At 13, you may be completely through puberty, or part way through. The next time you see a doctor, you can ask about your stage of development and he can give you a pretty good idea. Are you sure you really like this girl enough to make it worth it being with her? Hello, I am a 13 year old boy and my penis is [redacted by moderator] and i have a few hairs above my penis.

When will it start growing and start getting more hair? In general, girls younger than boys. He will be able to give you specific information about your stage in development and what the future will likely hold. So my son has a very large father and we were told it runs in the family being French polonesian.

Well he is very large down there and he is 13 years old but it gives him pains as it grows what should I do. Hello I am a 12 year old boy. I was wondering what was normal for my age group. When [redacted by moderator], I was just wondering if this is average size. Thank you in advance. You are well within that range. He will be happy to address this with you after a physical exam. Hi I am 13 and have only a few hairs by my penis and little armpit hair and my testicles have only gotten a little bit bigger and my penis is [redacted by moderator].

When will I go through puberty and is this normal? The next time you see your pediatrician, be sure to bring it up. He will be happy to discuss this with you.

Size is dependent on developmental stage. To find out if you are on track, have a physical exam from your pediatrician.

He will be able to determine what stage of puberty you are in and whether or not your are normal. I am 12 years old, and my penis is [redacted by moderator].

When erect, it measures about [redacted by moderator]. If they are not, discuss this with your doctor. Puffery is another term for exaggerated, except it indicated that the over-telling is not an intentional lie. Sorry, I was just guessing the size. Age is not the real determining factor of normal size, but developmental stage is.

If you look above, the size you state is well within normal for some stages. If you continue to be concerned, see your pediatrician. He will do a physical exam and can tell you what stage you are in and if your size is normal for that stage.

Hi I am 13 and have only a few hairs by my penis and little armpit hair and my testicals have only gotten a little bit bigger and my penis is [redacted by moderator]. When will I go through puberty. Will I grow more or will I stay? Penis growth is dependent on stage of sexual development. If you are through puberty at 10 which would be very early you will not continue to grow. As you say, your friends think you are lying.

If you are not, it would be wise to see a pediatrician and get a complete physical. He will be able to help you sort this out. Hey I am a 13 year old boy and I am nearly My twin brother is way taller than me and so is everybody else in 9th grade. I have pubic and bodily hair but no signs of penis or testicular growth.

Your pediatrician should have a private time with you no parent in the room so you can ask whatever question you want without anyone else hearing. Pediatricians are very used to discussing growth and development. When the foreskin has separated from the glans, the foreskin can easily be retracted, or pulled back, to leave the glans exposed. Im 11 almost 12 and my penis is nearly [redacted by moderator] when stretched out is that bad or a symptom of a disease?

I am 16 and have not hit puberty. My testicles are very small and my penis is only [redacted by moderator] long erect should i be alarmed. I have very little pubic and armpit hair. This will include a physical exam and may include blood tests. I started puberty around age I am very slim and I look young, like a 14 year old. My penis is [redacted by moderator]. If you want an answer that is specific to your body, the best person to help you is your doctor.

He will give you a physical exam to track your stage of development and be able to discuss possible scenarios. Can someone please help? There really is plenty of time. If you want an estimate of when puberty will happen for you, see your doctor who can do a physical exam and give you more information. Not all 15 year olds are in the same developmental stage.

If you are early to mid puberty, you could still grow more. If you are finished with puberty, you are not likely to grow more. Your physician can do a physical exam and help you determine your puberty stage.

Its okay u still have plenty of time to grow!! U stop growing around 18 and how big is it? It really cant be that small. You fall right in the middle of a normal weight — not under-weight and not over-weight.

You can maintain this trajectory by eating well, getting regular exercise and making sure you get enough high-quality sleep. Just honestly wondering, thanks! Everyone grows at different rates. Your adult height might all come early, late, or over time. Your pediatrician can work with you, based on all your data, to help you determine a close approximation to your adult height.

But the answer is the same for length as it is for height. Who do I tell without anybody I know finding out and is it normal, considering I have pubic hairs of about 1 inch and a few armpit hairs? A pediatrician is a doctor that specializes in kids and teens. You can go to any doctor and discuss your concerns. He can not tell anyone, including your parents, without your approval. Hello, I am 16 years old and barely in puberty.

My tanner stage is about 2. I have barely grown, have little pubic hair. And like 4 tiny armpit hairs in each armpit. Mule is has not started noticeably growing yet. I was just wondering how long it usually takes from the start of penis growth to the near end of penis growth.

I am a 45 year old male and I am not happy with my appearance in many ways especially in the private area. I have a 12 year old boy who has the described very small penis and I took him to our pediatrician last year.

He said he would be fine. Since then my son has expressed concern and I thought about an endocrinologist. Would growth hormones be an appropriate avenue? Consider it practicing with your body, to learn what you do—and do not—like.

I would like to know why the average Penis size charts by age have changed in the last years. To be precise, they have shrunk drastically by age group average size by age. When I was young years ago I had all the sites memorized with their averages listed as I strolled through the years of puberty.

For example, all sites including Kinsey listed averages stretched lengths 10 years old 3 inches 11 years 3. Please explain to me what happened? In doing research for this post we found some very interesting information. There have been a number of new studies in the last 15 years.

The studies are from many different countries. The study results vary wildly. So does study design. Basically, there is no longer a simple answer to the question.

Puberty typically starts a ages , and thats just starting. I was diagnosed with Hypospediasis plus micro penis at birth and was clarified by a surgery. Now I am 16 years and has a penis of length 7cm. I am really bothered about my sex life. Can I have normal sex? Can I satisfy my partner? Please reply…I am in a situation here. However for pleasing men it is all in the prostate which if you do have a male partner you may be recieving or you might have to get surgery.

I am worried this is because low testosterone and if it is will it affect my penis size. It kept me from having relationships. Sex is a small part of a relationship. It is critical, yes. But the size of your sick is an even smaller part of that.

Besides, More than a mouthful is a waste! I know you are concerned. He will do a physical exam and tell you if your concerns are warranted or not. If they are warranted, he will help you with next steps.

I am 8 years old and i hit puberty earlier than most people and my penis is also larger than the average for my age. Different people grow at different rates at different times. It is perfectly fine, and you have nothing to worry about to the extent of my knowledge. The penile average is just numbers. Why would you need to share the size of your penis with your parents?

At the age 5 My son done suntha because of his skin was stick. Now he is 11 Yrs but compare to other his penis is not grow. So pl tell me your observation. I know this is frustrating. If anything, I hear them talking about how uncomfortable it is when their partner is too big.

Beside that, I think your mates are exaggerating or going along with the group. They are likely very much like you. The opinion of women on penis size is completely useless for a gay boy.

I recently took a look at the chart of average sizes, but I was kind of confused. Is this abnormal or will it affect my future adult life negatively, or even positively? He can help you sort out what might be appropriate AND legal. The guys in the locker room have a much large penis. Size is linked to stage of development.

He will be able to give you information that is specific to you, which is what you need. Do you think he telling the truth? Yes, I have experienced the same in the locker room when I was in high school 5 years ago I was probably 16 and a boy 2 years younger than me practically had a horse cock, and some other guys had smaller dicks than me.

But my partners loves my penis and me! Am I under or over average? The best thing you can do is see your pediatrician. He will likely do a physical exam and some blood tests to look at your hormone levels.

This is a complete myth that anything can make you grow inches in your penis. Sorry, you got what you got and you have to be happy with it. Ask any girl and they will tell you that length is not so important as girth, and knowing what to do with it. Save your money and get some lessons on how to improve your performance instead. Much happier that way.

Greene wrote an in-depth post that will answer your question — Penis Size Defined. Hi, i m 14 yr, my height is 5. There are many upsides for getting to a normal weight if you do it in a healthy way — through exercise, cutting out foods that are low in nutrition and high in fat and sugar, and sleeping within the normal range about 8 hours a night.

Thanks mam, i will do everything u told me ; once again thanks for the reply: Yes that is completely normal! Many guys have a curve to their penis. You have nothing to worry about. Hi there, I have a huge problem. I am turning 12 years next year February. All my friends are turning 12 late this year. They all have pubic hair and long penis. I do not have any hair and my penis is about 7cm when fully stretched. It can be completely normal to start puberty as early as 9 or as late as I know if feels late since your peers appear to be ahead of you.

Your next regularly scheduled check-up would be a great time to do that. This would be a great time to have a physical exam from your pediatrician. He will be able to determine your physical maturity and development.

If there are any issues he will be able to help. It is just another chore to keep up with unless you keep it long and bushy, which a lot of people prefer trimmed or shaves pubic areas but I do know a select few people who like the bush, I however am not one of those people.

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