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This might result in the removal of AlloDerm sheets and reapplication of tissues to ensure a natural look. Also if you could please please please post a recent picture of your dick flaccid and erect. Meeting Challenges and Keeping Promises. Tissue absorption can take place and result in temporary enlargement. According to surgeons, a modest penile girth increase of 0. Why can't I post on this forum?

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These grafts were placed on the penis to increase penis girth. AlloDerm is the most up-to-date material for use in penile augmentation surgery. Alexander Krakovsky is among a select group of physicians who perform penile augmentation surgery using AlloDerm for penile girth augmentation and penile glanular augmentation.

One advantage of AlloDerm over DFGs is that the patient does not need to provide grafts from his own body, thereby avoiding the potential complications and discomfort of additional incisions and the accompanying healing process.

A second advantage is the avoidance of unsightly residual scars. AlloDerm, a product of LifeCell Corporation, is an acellular tissue regeneration matrix. It is what remains after donated human skin tissue is processed to remove human cells acellular —most notably the epidermal and dermal cells—through a patented method, while preserving and stabilizing the remaining biochemical components and structure matrix of the dermis.

This resulting framework comprised of collagen, elastin, protein, hyaloronan, proteoglycans, fibronectin, and vascular channels is used as a graft to support cellular repopulation and vascularization regeneration. How safe is AlloDerm? AlloDerm is regulated by the FDA as a human tissue for transplantation, or as a banked human tissue. AlloDerm donors are pre-screened and tested for transmissible diseases, and the grafts from which AlloDerm are derived are subsequently obtained at the time of death.

Microbiological cultures are performed on each lot to assure the absence of bacterial and fungal pathogens. Once processed, histology and immunohistochemistry are performed on AlloDerm to confirm the presence of an intact basement membrane complex, retention of collagen, and an absence of cells. According to LifeCell Corporation, AlloDerm has been used for more than 1 million implants and grafts with no confirmed cases of viral infectious disease transmission.

What is the difference between FDA-approved and off-label uses of a drug or product? The FDA licenses and approves a drug or product to be safe and effective for each specific type of use indication of the product. As the FDA explains:. It is important to recognize that it is never a drug or other product that is approved or not approved, but a claim about the use of the drug or product.

The claim is granted a marketing license, which is, in effect, a product label. Obtaining this use-specific FDA licensing and approval can be a long and costly process, involving many clinical trials, extensive research, and other requirements to ensure the safety and efficacy of the drug or product for a particular indication. There may be many other, often related, uses or indications for which the drug or product is beneficial, but for which not enough research evidence or research funding has been gathered, or for which the approval process has not yet been completed or even begun.

The FDA approves uses of drugs, but does not regulate the practice of medicine. Neither the FDA nor the Federal government regulate the practice of medicine. Any approved product may be used by a licensed practitioner for uses other than those stated in the product label.

Off-label use is not illegal, but means that the data to support that use have not been independently reviewed by the FDA. When the FDA approval process is complete for prescription use of a particular drug or product, the drug or product becomes available to the physician for unlisted or off-label use in his or her practice of medicine. Would it help you and your partner in terms of sexual fulfillment or would it just introduce a new set of health and sexual problems?

When it comes to penis enlargement, men are presented with two options: A non- surgical penis enlargement is possible through dietary supplements and pills that need to be popped daily or as recommended by your doctor. However, this method may take some time for you to see results or experience any kind of benefits. Men who are serious about penis enlargement and do not have qualms about spending money turn to surgical procedures for fast results. The evolution of surgical technologies opens up the possibility of various methods of penile enlargement for men.

One of the most controversial methods is the Alloderm Penis Enlargement Procedure. Also known as Fat Injection or Fat Transfer, this method uses acellular dermal matrix Alloderm that has regenerative qualities, ideal for penis enlargement, breast reconstruction, abdominal wall reconstruction and head and neck surgeries among others.

The process of an Alloderm Penis Enlargement includes the attempt of increasing the penis girth through layering of Alloderm sheets. Surgeons performing this operation might use up to 6 sheets to improve the penile shaft circumference of the patient. While the results of the AlloDerm Penis Enlargement method are promising, there are certainly a number disadvantages linked to it. Here are the pros and cons of this method that men could use before saying yes to surgical penis enlargement.

AlloDerm feels natural, not spongy. The use of AlloDerm will result in smooth contours and a natural feel. Patients would not know any difference once the procedure is done. Questions can also be avoided, since the penis enlargement will look as natural as possible. Not only will get a confidence boost, but your partner will also love the tighter feel. Once surgery is completed, patients can immediately see the results of the penis enlargement. I plan to get a 2nd girth procedure done at some point in the next few years It hasn't been shown to be effective enough to justify the risks, and is usually coupled with a long-term rigorous stretching regimen in order to realize gains.

I think the consensus on most penis message boards including this one is that stretching alone has similar success with significantly less risk than the surgical route. As for girth, options are available. There is a bunch of info here as well as the Surgical Methods - Resource Only forum so do the research and be sure to select the method best suited for your needs and risk thresholds. This is especially true if you choose to be an active contributor. Alloderm or Fat grafts Feb 3, Kingpin thank you so much for replying!

My first question is are alloderm and belloderm the same thing? What is your lenght now? Also if you could please please please post a recent picture of your dick flaccid and erect. Alloderm or Fat grafts Feb 4, 1: I decided to go with the belloderm because the doc told me it looked a bit thicker than the alloderm.

Its been over a year since my surgery and i havent lost any girth from absorption etc as for erect length i only gained about a half inch erect, but i wasnt very dedicated to the stretching routine. I stopped after about 4 months i think I only experienced very minimal retraction after my surgery and got all my lenght back plus a bit xtra fairly quickly. However alot of people seem to experience a large amount of retraction and have trouble getting even there original length back, so keep that inn mind.

Thats why i mentioned earlier that ideally getting the surgeries seperately might be the best idea. I posted pics on the old MNS forum if u wanna take the time to go look Alloderm or Fat grafts Feb 6, 0: Alloderm or Fat grafts Feb 6, 2: I dont think i would have gone with PMMA. Even though its medical grade, etc i just dont like the idea of it. I am however very interested in Dr. The theory behind it sounds more logical to me.

I might consider getting it done if i hear more things about it and read about ppl on this board that decide to get it done.

However i do think getting belloderm one more time in the future will easily give me above my girth goal when i started this PE stuff. Alloderm or Fat grafts Feb 6, Have you considered getting the length surgery on its on first?

I would be interested to hear from more people that got these surgeries seperately and what there results were like. Alloderm or Fat grafts Feb 7, 1: Alloderm or Fat grafts Feb 9, 0: The reason i said to try getting it seprately was because im assuming that would prevent the loss of length some people complained about and getting it as a single procedure would allow you to start stretching your penis sooner after the surgery because you dont have to wait for the alloderm or belloderm to heal.

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