Florida Penis Enlargement Surgery

It is not necessary to drive to Atlanta to meet us: Be sure to view all of our galleries. This treatment is quick and virtually painless, taking around 15 minutes total. A mixture of collagen and permanent microspheres, this products improves both length and girth by stimulating your body's natural production of collagen. Home About Overview Dr. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Gallery Browse our gallery to discover cosmetic solutions to aesthetic issues.

Injectable Penile Enhancements: Instant Enlargements

Non-surgical technique helps to achieve desired results

Also some patients have fat in the pubic regions which can be liposuctioned. This will help expose more of the penis as well. This results in more of the penis being visible, thus enhancing the length. At Associates in Plastic Surgery, we realized that this topic may be sensitive for many people. We always treat every patient inquiring about penis enlargement with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

That way the patient can be confident and comfortable enough to have honest discussions about their desires. Once again, realistic expectations are very important and Dr. Heller will personally discuss everything with each patient. Plastic surgeons have, in recent years, begun to use fat injections to supplement other procedures and provide a more natural way of achieving your objectives. The same process can be used for male enhancement. We simply remove a small amount of fat from beneath your buttocks, then place it underneath the penile skin.

This allows the penis to become much thicker, an important goal for many patients. If you would like additional information about Dr. Heller's penile enhancement procedures, please visit: Even trained physicians won't be able to tell the surgery was performed: Our patients walk away with a larger penis in both circumference and length. Undergoing surgery is not the best option for every man. We also offer the most advanced and safe injectable penile enlargement processes in the country.

Results are likewise undetectable and instantaneous. Increased length AND width are available. You can change your mind - the down shod of FDA-approved fillers is their not life lasting - which is also a benefit: Your body will reabsorb the bulk of it in as little as either months to two years.

You can still smoke cigarettes and achieve great results - Cigarette smoking doesn't mix with surgical success. Injectables aren't similarly confined. Liposuction and excision techniques are used to remove the excess tissue during this procedure. Enhance your lower leg with a quick cosmetic procedure. Maercks offers a variety of abdominal sculpting procedures. Rhinoplasty may also aid in breathing by removing obstructions. Accentuate the curves of the face and enjoy a youthful, natural appearance with a male facelift.

Remove ten years from your age with Dr. Remove loose skin, excess neck fat, sagging jowls, or loose skin from around the neck area. Accentuate the jaw and recreate defined curves. Maercks creates a more natural look to the ears by repositioning the cartilage and pinning the ears back to avoid unnatural protrusion.

Natural Male Permanent Penile Enlargements

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