Extamax: The Most Shameless Male Enhancement Infomercial Yet

May 14, Male Enhancement , Sexual Health 0. It didn't take long for the media to pick up on how Cash4Gold could afford such pricey ads: Comment by Luis on December 19, at 2: Comment by Joshua on December 14, at 2: Comment by Jack E. I talked to many others who also lost thousands and have yet to see a dime.

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I have seen these infomercials and allo the girls and I do mean girls are between the ages of 18 to maybe 27 so what experience do they really have. Comment by Charles on May 17, at Comment by blow me on June 23, at 3: It is common knowledge by legitimate medical doctors that there is nothing, natural or created that can grow the size of a mans penis. All of these infomercials are scams designed to separate you from your cash.

One remark like that out of their mouth in a club and I would walk off and leave a dumb ass bitch like that standing alone.

Comment by Chuck on July 4, at 8: There is no such thing as a super athlete. Stop glorifying your position in life. Comment by Jack E. Moore III on July 10, at 4: Men kill themselves at 4 times the rate of women. Yet garbage like this exists and is on constant rotation on satellite tv every single night-degrading and denigrating males on their genital size. This is unprescedented trash and it speaks to the moral decline of our society.

Ironic how women babble on and on about being objectified…. Comment by This Is Dreck on July 19, at 2: Infomercial Hell Blog Reviews. About Us Infomercial Hell has fun with some of the most laughable infomercials ever broadcast. Because Slicing Butter is So Hard!! Want Your Drink Can to Float? The Answer is No. Fan Favorites Sticky Nips: Thank you for listening. Someone has issues, D. Cash4Gold offered to deposit the value of the items directly in the customer's bank account.

By the time viewers realized that their family heirlooms were being drastically undervalued , Cash4Gold had already melted down the gold and moved on to its next victim.

Monday's New York Times ran a story on real estate pitchman Carleton Sheets, who made a fortune selling no-money-down real estate investments during the housing bubble. Infomercial marketers seeking to capitalize on current events are not a new phenomenon. The creators of direct response television have always been clever at tying their campaigns to broader cultural trends. In January, for instance, they flood the airwaves with pitches for exercise devices and diet products.

And the ubiquitous penile enhancement products didn't become infomercial staples until the country became enamored with pricier pharmaceuticals like Viagra and Cialis. Sadly, the target market for these products includes some of the most vulnerable, disenfranchised Americans. And the stories can occasionally be heartbreaking. Gabriel wasn't a young kid looking to make a quick buck.

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Contrary to popular belief, your poor performance is not the result of a lack of interest but instead a symptom of inadequate blood flow to your …. January 16, Male Enhancement 0. If you have struggled with libido and suffered from erectile dysfunction for years, you know the many tolls these issues can take on your love life.

There is nothing worse than seeing the disappointment in the eyes of the woman you love. Titanex Male Enhancement Formula hopes to solve these …. August 24, Male Enhancement 0.

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