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Sheng Long is mentioned three times in the arcade game Street Fighter: The Movie in the endings for Ryu, Ken and Akuma. In each of the endings he is stated as Akuma's brother and the master of Ryu and Ken, but never stated as dead. Despite the repeated mention, Sheng Long does not appear in the game. On January 30, the game's designer, Alan Noon, appeared on Shoryuken. According to Noon, while shooting and digitizing the character images for the game, talk had circulated about adding extra characters that were not in the film.

As the Sheng Long hoax and Akuma's debut in Super Street Fighter II Turbo were fairly recent at the time, the designers asked for Capcom's permission to add both characters into the game.

Capcom approved the addition of Akuma, but denied the inclusion of Sheng Long. However, during the digitization sessions for Akuma, Capcom unexpectedly approved the addition of Sheng Long; Noon stated that Capcom felt the character's inclusion was a necessity for the game's success.

Noon designed Sheng Long's appearance, giving him a "mandarin style" gi and one hand taking the form of a dragon's claw, described as a result of his power being so great that he began to physically transform into a dragon. Capcom approved the design, and an artist from the development team posed as Sheng Long. However, the character was left unfinished because of time constraints. In an interview in the January issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono stated; " Let's just say that [jokes] that your magazine have reported in the past might find their way into the game as fan service.

When asked in a later interview by 1UP. How about you ask me that question again then. On April 1, , Capcom announced Sheng Long as a "secret, unlock-able character" in their Japanese development blog for Street Fighter IV and later posted in their official US blog accompanied with a silhouette of the character. The post took the tone of a Capcom PR representative trying to announce a character without giving away too many details, hinting that "Sheng Long is Ryu's Similar to the original EGM joke, the post lists the method to unlock him as requiring the player to win every round as Ryu without taking any damage whatsoever and then perform his "Shoryuken" move during the final boss fight.

Reception to the joke the third time was negative, and included criticism from 1UP. The following day, the Japanese website confirmed that it was indeed a joke, and explained the origin of Sheng Long while adding "Sheng-Long is still now and always will be, truly a character of legend". The profile satirizes the Sheng Long rumor, stating that he became a living legend, he appears after consecutive draw games, his moves are impossible to counterattack and always register as counter hits, and that anyone that sees him will die after twenty-four hours.

In keeping with tradition, the profile also lists an exaggerated moveset for him. The latter move seems to also poke fun at the many unofficial hacks of Street Fighter II': Additionally, the background is different from other profiles, it has the word "uso" meaning "lie" in Japanese in it and the profile is also said to be the "th" which is not the case. This section is currently incomplete. Horny goat weed, for example, can be found in virtually every male enhancement supplement sold online today.

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