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Also if you live in the Mid-west, Meijers grocery chain has some great sales during the season. You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. Same company same exact store, just a different name. An underage boy was ticketed for tossing an empty beer in front of the Anythink Library at Huron St. The suspect wandered up to the house from down the block and asked the painter for a cigarette.

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I was basically given the ultimatum to continue to be treated like crap or walk out so I decided it was not worth the emotional hassle. No job should make you feel like they made me feel because they relentlessly try to suck the joy right out of anything you do.

I'm shocked they haven't been hit with an age discrimination lawsuit, because the younger kids are treated like gold while the experienced workers are treated like absolute garbage. In every company stuff like this goes on, but I thought I had seen it all until I watched this happen to me. I thought working for a company with existing unions would be a good experience, but trust me they have their loopholes around those union requirements and they utilize them to the best of their ability.

I'm sorry I ever walked through their front doors. I agree, I was hired from the outside cxoming in and was to learn the store layout within a 30 day period. I took the mouthing up until bresk time. I chose yto clock out and leave at that point. I called the store the next day and complained about the incident and told it would be handled with a meeting of the over night grocery head clerk, after more hateful remarks of not know everything after only being an employee I was down talked and ridiculed, The store manager promised a meeting with my trainer he got a ohone call thazt was it.

I will go to all means to make sure employees of anytime within the company is treated with respect and not be treated as I was and that there diversity program is an out landish front. I was discrimainated, verbally abused, and this needs to be brought to the attention of hirgher management and then they need to be sued and put out of business my experience was out of control and I personally have never worked in such a demanding yet hostile environment in all of my years of employment!

This is an awful environment to work in. King Soopers says they wish to be a prefered employer. If King Soopers truly wanted to be a preferred employer, then they would not allow tyrants to be in management. What the heck is King Soopers? Never heard of it. Did you guys ever hear of a union? The employees at Meijers did it some time in the past.

Employees seem pretty happy although prices aren't as cheap anymore. King Soopers is a horrible place to work and push to get male employees promoted. I turned my management paperwork in to my store manager back in December, I've yet to recieve a phone call to set up an interview all the while a male associate who started the process much later has already recieved all of his training, interviews AND has been promoted in less than 2 months!!

The company values are a joke and as my direct manager stated its not what you know, but who you know. Sorry but I'm not kissing anyones to get a promotion. If your not gay, black or hispanic they discriminate against you. My supervisor lied and said I needed to improve my attendance.

I had perfect attendance. And the Manager refused to help me or to listen to my complaints. King Soopers is notorious for favoritism to female staff just because they are pretty, and they are also notorious for their favoritism toward teenagers. There is a girl at my store who was quickly promoted into management at my store, we all found out later that she is dating the assistant manager.

I came in late for the first time in 20 years and I was given a Verbal warning while this kid named Miguel who is only 18 comes in late every day, calls in sick constantly, and when he is at work he is constantly text messaging on his cell phone, the Head Clerks see what he is doing and they don't care. Russ Dispense and Dave Savage need to know that we are serious.

Perhaps it is time to take the following actions against the company which shouldn't be considered as a work stoppage. Such as, Do not answer your phone if they call you to come to work when it is your day off, Don't report for work Early if Management is calling to ask you to report for work Early, If you have Caller ID don't answer your phone when you see that it is King Soopers Calling.

Flood your Union Rep with complaints about the favoritism in the stores, and if the Union doesn't do anything about that then report them to the National Labor Relations Board by visiting www. Another recommendation is make arrangements with co workers you trust to call in sick on the same day if Management's hostile and discriminatory behavior continues. There are more of us than there are of them. Fellow Workers, Stop hating, gossiping, and trying to get each other in trouble. There is power in Numbers whether there is a Union or not.

If McDonalds workers can get together and take a stand against their abusive managers then so can we. The Next call of action is to refuse to shop at any King Soopers, Make it clear that you will not spend your money at your store, Spend your money at another retailer such as Whole Foods, Safeway, Super Target, or any other food retailer. If King Soopers will not respect us as Workers, they also don't respect us as Customers and they don't deserve our money.

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The PC statement says a King Soopers employee at the Evans store entered the bathroom and noticed male feet in one of the stalls. She informed store security, who quickly grabbed a man subsequently identified as Oglethorpe.

The suspect insisted that he was just making a phone call and hadn't realized he was in the women's bathroom. But after checking his record, cops called into the case discovered that Oglethorpe was a registered sex offender owing to a previous conviction for child enticement. Back in January, he'd been on parole and was outfitted with a GPS tracking device. The gadget allowed Oglethorpe's parole officer to check on his whereabouts back on January 24, and whaddya know: He'd been in a stationary position for nearly two-and-a-half hours at the King Soopers on Evans.

A witness later identified him as the guy who'd been seen fleeing from the bathroom after the two kids had seen the telltale hand under the stall.

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