How to Give a Hands-Free Pleasure by Erotic Hypnosis?

Suggest yourself go deeper and more relaxed When you want to get out, just snap your fingers. I am skeptical but there's no harm in trying it. Make 2nd positive suggestion at 7 May 18, Messages:

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Remember everything happens up in your brain, not between your legs. The place where everything is related to everything. Good news guys, if you learn to communicate with the right vocal tone and use some seductive, hypnotic language, your lady will be on her knees in no time. Mastering hypnotic language will spice up your dating life. Many times, is not what you say, but how you say it is what matters. Mastering your voice will give you great confidence and success with women.

Hypnotic language can help you make a connection with ladies instantly, pick and persuade them on almost anything you like, communicate with them and make them feel you speak their language. Last, but not least using hypnotic words can give you a better lover in bed. Saying a few sexy words during pick up or sexual encounter can help to reach better orgasms for women men too!

You can recall any old sex scene when you were horny and had a great sexual experience. Why not use this to your advantage to advance your orgasmic skills? If you master hands-free hypnosis, your partner can experience mind-blowing orgasm aka HFO without you doing anything to them physically.

You are having dinner at a fancy restaurant. Women in the bar; two guys are trying to chat her up. One has a great look, but unable to say much and there is another man who is not particularly her type, but somehow he always says the right things at the right time. Giving you a chance to open your thoughts on possibilities and experience a hands-free orgasm without being touched.

They are also suggestions which, depending on how much your brain accept them you can take them onboard. Hypnosis is a deep relaxing state where the mind is open to suggestion. Many people think that during hypnosis we are asleep or dreaming. However, this is far from the truth. During hypnosis the brain switches on, we reach a very relaxed and alert stage where focus increase, so we become more open to suggestions.

Sex happens in the gamma stage of a human brain. You can self-hypnotize yourself, go deeper and deeper into a trance. When you are in a trance, your brain can activate ecstatic experiences such as a hand?

In my point of view, hypnosis can bring subconscious beliefs to the surface. Whether you realize or not, you are being hypnotized on a daily basis. Hypnotic language has been used during movies, tv-programs, in magazines, etc.

Research shows that people with higher intelligence level and creativity shows a greater response being hypnotized. There are two types of hypnosis: Erotic hypnosis can make you feel and become a better lover, and moreover, your sex life can be made more intense, fun and pleasurable. Find a comfortable space, where no one will disturb you 2: Sit or lay down and start focusing on your breathing 3: Breath in and out few times with the same slow pacing 4: Start visualizing a white light 5: Meditate on the light 6: Imagine the light running through your body, clearing space, healing your blockages 7: Make a first positive suggestion make it related to what you hypnotize yourself 8: Start counting back 10, 9, 8 9: Tell yourself to breath deeper and go deeper Make 2nd positive suggestion at 7 Start counting 6,5,4 Suggest yourself go deeper and more relaxed Make the 3rd positive suggestion 3 By the time I reach 1, you will drift into a state put what you like to experience feeling relaxed and happy.

You can guide yourself or your partner through this basic hypnosis to get some basic relaxation or put sexually freeing suggestion into the mind. Apr 29, Messages: I do feel something going on down there. Guess ill ride it out. Dec 27, Messages: Nov 25, Messages: Great, my cock fell asleep, and when it woke up it started acting like a vagina. Oct 31, Messages: Heck, I have always been able to get a dick to grow just by talking to it. Apr 25, Messages: You are getting sleepy You will look into your subconscious You will look into your soul At the snap of my fingers, you will take your tiny dick and get out of my office..

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Male And Female Orgasm Hypnosis

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