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There is no cutting, no stitches, and no scalpels used, just simple permanent filler injections. Selden, NY 0 friends 2 reviews. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. But what would be your best estimate on how long would it take to get that size. I did that for a decade! Hello, Some people may find this absurd. As good as it gets!

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Nervous Guy Game ". Scotty Index Private Training. Anabolic Articles Get Ripped. Get Informed Get Updated. Index Recent Topics Search. Penis Enlargement via surgery Dr. Loria 14 Nov Hello, Some people may find this absurd. And this topic might be on the wrong forum but I'm looking for your opinion and review. L in Miami for 4 treatments. I did read some bad and good thing about him.

But that's not why I'm here. Dose any one of you know any other Doctor that performs a procedure? The administrator has disabled public write access. Hey mate, What is your size? Do you really need to get it bigger? Loria 15 Nov I'm skeptical of shelling out huge sums of money for something that may or may not work.

I would suggest to you that you take said money, invest in Bathmate, Phallosan Forte and Size Genetics, all three. Because of your girth, I'd suggest dry pumping. Combine these 4 things and stretching and jelqing, if you can't get to 7" x 5" this way, then consider surgery. But what would be your best estimate on how long would it take to get that size. I have found 4 Doctor that offer the procedure.

I know that its a lot to spend on this procedure. C in Mexico offers 2, per round. I have talk to two other that have on-gone PMMA before. I also have talk to some one that has finished the 2nd round with Dr. I will do a lot of research before I do decide on doing the procedure.

I will start with what str8chaser has suggested. Loria 16 Nov But despite so much evidence that he's a dodgy character, by simply being able to inject a substance that can make a penis bigger, the guy is still able to garner the interest of our members. It's so easy to appeal to male vanity that it makes many men incredibly vulnerable to making bad decisions. This is why guys like me post in what is seen as a very negative way, that annoys many members.

As unpopular as it is to point out the craziness of considering a procedure like this, it's actually pretty necessary as the lure of having a big penis makes it damn easy for most guys to develop a kind of tunnel vision that blinds them to obvious red flags.

The way many people go about getting PMMA is no better in my opinion. So the risks of using a moderate amount of permanent filler seemed favorable compared to under going surgery. But I don't think that is true of what we are seeing now and certainly not when you throw silicone oil into the equation. I understand very well what it's like to live with physical defects on your penis. I did that for a decade! So genuinely do understand why you'd give anything to have them corrected.

But you need to be aware that this desperation to resolve your problems will allow you to think in an irrational way in order to justify making a decision which gives you a chance of getting the resolution you want. Couldn't have said it better Hoddle. I was aware of silicone injections as early as this forum's creation, but it never had a serious thread or a serious following for the obvious reasons. It's just not a viable option. I can't say for certain that's what's happening here with Dr.

Loria because 1- he chooses not to disclose the composition of his filler cocktail, and 2- I haven't observed him perform the procedure. But for those who are remotely considering this option, be sure to familiarize yourself with the aforementioned comments from myself and Hoddle. As if the previous events with Irishfan and Dr. True, but some risks are notably more significant than others. It's all ultimately a gamble, but some bets are reckless while others are valued or calculated.

You simply have to be smart since you only have one penis or in this analogy, only one poker hand to play. Just read through irishman's threads. He is an unreliable source. That's too bad since he's located in U.

Wishing you the best results blue. Keep us updated with pics as you're the only legitimate patient of his on this site. It's still a bit early on but my cuts at the base are healing up. Masterbation sucks and feels terrible. My first sexual experience was pretty good.

Going to have another go ahead at it tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it. I'm still sitting with a 1. You gotta problem with dat? It says that he uses a long acting filler that will last 10 years or more. So this isn't permanent like PMMA. The same is said of PMMA. He is using Silikon There isn't anything else he can be using.

Go through the entire market of materials that are FDA approved and can be used as soft tissue fillers. There are only 2 possible options, one is Artefil and the other is Silikon There isn't much difference between selling penis enlargement procedures and selling crack or heroin.

If you read his site he talks about patients getting 2" or 3" gains and post nice looking aesthetic photos of significant gains. It's so tough to resist. The desire to have a huge, aesthetic looking penis really is insanely intense, so the comparison with hard drugs is valid.

Despite all the obvious red flags surrounding Dr Loria and this procedure, many wont be able to resist as the thought of having such a big enhancement will start eating away at them like a carnivorous bacteria. We saw it with the Elist implant, we've seeing with PMMA and the same will happen with this only to a greater degree thanks to a great sales pitch from Loria.

It's obvious he's been reading here and knows what patients want, hence the name penisenlargement US. Note he never mentioned the name of the country in his previous operations as a HT or weight loss Dr. He's seen the demand here, read the Israeli study on Silikon, read the arguments posted here for why a filler is a better option that surgery and noted many don't trust going outside of the US.

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