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With over hundreds of thousands of bottles sold in India and abroad this is the No1 choice for all men desiring to enlarge their penis. You can take it with water or milk. It also swells during erection and prevents the urethra to collapse when the penis becomes hard. Such as usage of thick condom, masturbate hours before sex and breathing exercise. It does not have any side effects.

Penis Enlargement Oil in India

Penis Enlargement Facts that no one dare to tell you.

That too without any negative side effects. We are here to help all those people who are really serious about increasing their size. No matter what your age is, no matter what you do and no matter what your current size is. Our treatment is guaranteed to work for you.

We have put all our experience, research and skills into formulating an effective penis enlargement medicine for you. A strong and healthy organ can make a man proud while a small, shrink and underdeveloped penis can lead to distress, humiliation, and lack of self esteem in men. With an increase in awareness and availability of knowledge over the internet, print and television media more and more men want to enlarge their penis size.

Among the various options and treatments available for penis enlargement, natural medicines and herbal treatments have become one of the most popular medium for men to enlarge their penis.

And why not, herbal treatment is safe, effective and cheaper than most surgical procedures. Almost all men experience anxiety about the size or appearance of their penis at some time. For most men, these feelings will pass but, for others, they can be persistent and disabling.

The person can even avoid going to sporting and other activities where other men might see him naked. Such men are not only embarrassed by the apparent smallness of their penis, but frequently also feel ashamed and silly about their anxiety, too. We are here to help you…….. Our treatment is proven to work for any man regardless of age, race or present size.

The ancient Indian medical records show that there are many natural herbs and natural elements which are helpful in increasing the size of penis. The recent advanced researches have also revealed this. Not only this but the research has also shown that these herbs also increase the overall sexual performance by many folds.

So natural penis enlargement is a win win situation for every one. Some of the benefits of herbal treatments are increasing your ability to maintain harder and longer erections making you able to last longer in bed , increasing the amount of semen you produce when ejaculate, improving your overall sexual control and performance, and, of course, making your penis larger. All of these effects can greatly improve your life: This is possible to achieve if you take our specialized treatment plans for penis enlargement.

If you think you can enlarge penis just by taking enlargement pills and penis enlargement oil over the counter from a chemist or from a web store you are sadly mistaken. Believe us it is not going to do any better for your size. The best way to enlarge your penis and improve both your erection power and stamina is to directly consult a professional doctor who knows how to enlarge penis. Only experts can effectively treat you with the best possible approach and formulate a penis enlargement medicine for you which actually works.

My name is Taufiq, 30 yrs old, married and living in KSA. My wife not satisfied from me but she loved me lot and I want to give her fully satisfaction. My Penis size is 4. I need to increase my Penis up to inches permanent.

Sir i from dubai. I forget to say that. Sir these are actual problems 1. I dont get erection even if i have a strong desire for sex. If anyhow I get erection it is not fully erect 3. Last and final my penis in width is much much thinner as it should be. Dear Sir, My penis is small and thin Please tell me some cream or medicines to increase my penis size and also the thickness and length more than 7 inch.

My sex time ejaculation is minutes. Please help me in this regard as early as possible. And what will be the cost of it and how to apply and take the medicines. If I take these pills or any good pills that gives me 7 inches penis, will I be able to the desired results. I need to increase my Penis up to 7 inches permanent. Is that possible, if so what is the duration to get 7 inches.?

Hello sir, i m living United Arab Emirates my age 29 yrs old. Sir am salih my penis is so small how will increase my penis. Power also very less only getting 2 seconds please reply me immediately with solution A great.

Becoz I Have No Monay. Thats Why Im Very Ill. My penis size is 5. Dear, i want to increase my penis size. Dear Sir, My penis size is 12cms. My partner is having a tight lipped vagina and is also i have difficult in going through. After 8 months through marriage, i have been able to penetrate only once or twice. Do you think that my width and girdth is sufficient. I also masturbate once a day or once in two days which i am trying to reduce. Please suggest treatment that is not costly and is easy to follow.

How can i get this medicine in nigeria. I will really love to hear from u as soon as possible doctor. Thanks for your swift action. Hi sir i m 23 years old i want to grow up my penis size it is 4 inch now i want 7 inch and healthy penis and also thick pls sir give me name of medicine which have not side effect and i can get from market easily.

I am 35 year old. I have 2 childrens. I want to increase my penis size, so is this your product will work on this. My penis size are 3. It is not big. I want to enjoy my sex life, but during sex sperm come out with in a minute.

Is it possible that my penis also can be grow like Big, hard, fat and strong. But sperms come out with in a minute. I would like to ask if this medicine is available in united arab emirates??

I want to buy how much in dirhams and charge for courier?? I am leaving in Dubai My Penis size is very small. If I take these pills or any good pills that gives me 8inches penis, will I be able to the desired results. I need to increase my Penis up to 8 inches.

Is that possible, if so what is the duration to get 8 inches.? Yes we do have 15 days money back guarantee in any case if you want to return the product for any reason. Earlier we used to give unconditional guarantee for complete course of 90 days. But people stated taking advantage of it and making illegitimate refund claims. Thus we had to stop this and now we offer only 15 days. I am sure you wont be disappointed. My penis is 4 inches long n thin.

I just eject in minutes.. I have to make my penis long upto 7 inch and broad. So plz tell me some ayurvedic medicine by which i can be happy forever. Any also which can be normally available in medical store,which doesnt have side effect. Plz give me a better solution to ensure my problem.

Dr you also know the problem of small penis how a man has to suffer having small penis,it would be a great help from you if you give me a better solution by which i can make my penis larger n broader,n stronger. I m unhappy man. Can my size of penis ll be enlarged and may I have satisfactory sexual life Dr. By taking medicines size of my Penis ll be enlarged?

Sir my penis is very small so I am very sad. I am 19 year old man. Would this medicine help me? I am taking BP tablets, would there be any side effects? Xtra large will improve your erections. But if you really need the best then you can also go for All-in-One Sex Power package. Its a bit costly but you will get even better results with this. I am married age My pennies diameter is just around 3.

But I have one doubt, that is it long lasting or need to treat repeatedly or we get it permanent. I am from Bangalore.

My Penis size is very small. I am going to marry in next months. If I take these pills, will I be able to the desired results. Do you have any proofs that by taking the x tra large pills, some of your patients, who has shown that by taking x tra pills, they have reached their results.

Yes of course you can get improved size with Xtra Large Capsules. We have got s of feedbacks, thanks mails and messages from our customers.

But unfortunately in India we have a conservative society and no one wants to disclose his identity in these matters.

So we are bound by our commitment to protect your privacy unless otherwise with due permission. If we had the permission of our clients we would be more than happy to share them with you. I guess the only way to believe is to use it yourself and see. As a wise man said its always better to try… you never know what works for you and what not. And I am sure you would not regret your decision once you try our medicine. Thank you for taking timing to address my concern. I m exicted to use your product and also would like to consult you before using these pills so plz can you give me the complete details to consult you in bangalore.

Hi sir i am from India and i want to grow my pennies and i live ho guwahati so did you have any branch not here i want to buy directly. I look forward to read your reply. You can send payment by western union money transfer. Address is given at the contact us page. I would like to know the details of medicine and treatment to increase the penis size and girth. We welcome comments and suggestions from our customers but I guess people do not write publicly about the results due to privacy reasons, shyness, fear of getting caught by the friends or for any other reasons.

We do get several emails for thanks etc but we can not post them without our customers permission. We would welcome your public review. I am 50 yr old my peny size is 4 inch ,I want to enhance my peny, is it possible, what is the medician and how much cost for one month course where it is availabe. My penis size is 7. I just need to confirm about the time period that your medicine will take to show effectiveness. And time duration to achieve what i want.

I m 27 yo from Jaipur. I want to inverse it to 9 inch…. I just want a penis of my desired size. Dear Doctor i have used many products before but get no results i wish to increase at least 2 to 3 inches my erection is also weak please tell me how many months i have to use your course and tell me one month course and full course price i am here in multan, pakistan.

I am 26 yrs old and married. My penis size is 4 inch while erection. I used to masturbate. I need to get large penis and increase the sperm count. Also i am suffering in erectile dysfunction. As far i go thru the blog i am seen Xtra large capsules for the penis enlargement. Sir i am 26 years unmarried my size is 5 i will gain the size 6 to 7 by this capsule or not. Sir i m very shamed due to my small penis size. Pls give ur details on my mail id.

I m from a very rural area. So i cannot visit to u. Pls tell me how to purchase med. Sir, i am 29yrs old still unmarried but this year i prepare to marriage. I have bad habit hand pumping from 15yrs now i think my penis is because of hand pumping. I want increase my penis size please give me good medicine without any side effects sir m too much suffering with my penis. Sir my penis is small both length and girth. Sir plz onform me early…. You can still order online. We will not deliver at your home if you are not comfortable.

You can collect from the courier office. I need to know all these things because we are dealing with a very sensitive part of the body here. Payment can be made on delivery VPP or direct bank deposit. I want to increase my penis size its only 5 inches is it possible and pls send me course duration and fees also. I understand your confusion and as I can see many if you must be having the same question.

So plesse read carefully: Be it ayurveda, unani, homeopathy or the modern allopathic medicine everyone treats differently.

And every treatment pathy has its own pros and cons. Some problems like piles, kidney stones, jaundice, liver failure, kidney failure, arthritis, gout, etc have no proper cure in allopathic system of medicine. While ayurveda, unani and homeopathy has effective treatment for this. Similarly some problems have good cure in Allopathy and not in ayurveda like high BP, dengue etc.

Its just that he either has got no knowledge of ayurveda and unani or he is trying to defame others. Is there will any side effect for future planning. And I almost mastuburate around times in a day. Hello my penis size is not big and i want to increase it. My penis is very small, i need to increase my penis size. How to increase my penis size by naturally? Sir l am 16yrs old and I am also mastubating frm age of 12 but after reading the airticle sideeffect of masturbating I am pretty much nervous bcz some of those symptmos i also have like pains in legs,pain in back,falling of hair, concentrating power and memory loss what should i do to regain all these qualities.

You have won half the battle! When you realize that you are doing something wrong you are half away from quitting it. Well, even if you do it once or twice a fortnight its not going to do any harm…. No this is not so. Every medicine has a target organ. If you take medicine for digestion it will act on stomach and digestive system and not on other organs.

If you take medicine for cough it will act on lungs only and not your legs. Similarly if you take medicine for penis enlargement it will work only for penis not other organs. I am 64 years of age and in my twenties age my penis was about six in long and was thin. Now it is around five in only and seems little thinner also.

I have married again now but my wife seems to be not satisfied with this small one. Is it possible to increase the length and girth now at this age. Please advise me what to do.

Penis size can be increased rather regained at any age. It is possible as long as you are sexually active and able to participate actively in sex. So I am sure your size can be regained to its original state with the help of medicines.

You are suffering from sprematorrhea semen leakage and small penis size problem. Since your problem is quite complicated I would suggest a customized treatment for you.

Our customized treatments consists of medicines specially formulated and chosen to rectify all your problems completely. My pennis size is small. How can i enlarge the pennis sine and in the age of 36 is it possible. Hello, i would like to know the website where can i can buy the xtra large pills. Also i would like to knoif this is a real and permanent solution to my problem.

I my penis size is only 5. I am 26 year old my penis size only 4 inch but i need inch, how to increase in size and sex timing. Please e-mail me with the details so i can comply.. Assalamualaikum mr zahidi mene ye medicin order kar dihe or muje ye jaan na he kaise khana he roz ya 1 din chod kar khana he extra large pills or ye kitne time me asar karti he plz help me 4 this. Advice me which medicine is good for me. Can your pills will be effective to me at this age.

You should see improvement up to inches at least. The medicines are packed in sealed boxes. There is nothing written over the package about the contents inside. Only the address slip is affixed on the outside.

Also there is no company logo or any other graphic. This is a permanent treatment which stays for lifetime. Unlike other medicines available in the market which only give you temporary effect. You can order our medicines online. You can also send an SMS with your full name, address and product required to Your medicines will be sent to you by courier or VPP. Where can i but this medicine in Thailand? My problem also like Rishi said. I am in problem. My penis is not much hard. I want to enjoy my sex life but during sex sperm come out with in a minute.

Yes we can send our medicines anywhere in the world. Courier charges are Rs INR. Delivery time days. Yes we can send to Oman. You just need to buy online and pay using your credit or debit card.

One month course costs INR. We do have a 15 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Yes penis enlargement is possible with the help of natural and herbal medicines. You can use X-tra Large Penis Enlargement Pills one capsule in morning and one in evening with milk or water. If you continue this medicine for months, I am sure your size will improve by at least 2 inches. There are no side effects with herbal medicines. In fact it is beneficial for your overall sexual health also.

How do i get the herbal medicines. I hope you will good reply. We can deliver anywhere in India. You can get it delivered in simple pain packaging by courier or by post. Payment can be done in bank account or cash on delivery. D my penios is so smal and very week i want to grow it x-larg, strong, and fat. I living Bangladesh in Dhaka City. So, how can i buy the drag please tell me the drag name in which has not any side effect.

Really, I have already lost my physical fitness. So, need your help. Please tell if there is no any side effect. Sir i am 21 years of age and my size is 5 inches long, Dear Sir i want to grow grith and length in my penis so plz sir how can i get this medicine X-Tra Large Medicine, i live Karachi Pakistan.

You must be logged in to post a comment. He is also a US certified medical practitioner with specialization in sexual diseases.

With his innovative ideas, extraordinary research and vast experience he has treated thousands of patients from across the world. This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service.

You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more. Penis Enlargement Medicine In India Are you tired of being ashamed of yourself because you are not of the normal size. How do we help you with penis enlargement? Comments Omar Faruque says: October 6, at 3: Please Advice me as soon as you can.

Log in to Reply. August 31, at 1: August 28, at August 27, at 6: August 25, at 6: They said apart from having bigger dicks; now they are more energetic than ever. They feel like a man now and have higher sexual drive than before. Though the pills are for only to increase your size, but they tend to make other enhancements as well.

This is the greatest advancements of using the pills on a regular basis. They would come in handy in the long run. Using the pills regularly can even help get rid of impotence for good. Many men face with this problem. But after taking these pills, they have positive results with an active sexual life. The penis enlargement pills help in supplying more blood to your penis.

Blood flow is really important for your penis as it maintains the erection and even helps in growth. The size mostly depends on the blood flow. So, a good blood circulation will result in a better erection. These are the physical benefits you would get from the pills. But what about other benefits you get? I know that smaller size shatters your confidence level in bed and then in real life too! Unsatisfying sex life can make your whole life miserable. It even destroys a good relationship.

So, once you start giving the output she wants, you will see a significant improvement in your relationship. Ever wonder what the dangers might be if you use cheap or duplicate pills instead of the good ones, just to save some bucks?

They have a lot of side effects that can damage your overall system. The cheap pills are full of chemicals and cause harmful reactions in your body. So, the pills would cause a great amount of dizziness right after using it. Nausea is the worst side effect ever. They are not painful but can make you tight in your daily life.

It comes with a headache, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Cheap pills will cause headaches. Lots of men complained about this side effect in particular. Remember what I said about imported penis enlargement pills? They are full of steroids. And steroid is a good source of increasing your blood pressure.

So, after you start to use the pills, you will see a drastic change in your BP, which can even lead to stroke. Right after using duplicate pills you will notice a change of your heart rate.

This side effect is really bad, and you should consult with your doctor immediately. And if you have prior heart disease, then you should stay away from any cheap products. There are many penis enlargement medicines and all of them claim to make your panis long and strong.

But are they all the same? The answer is no. Theoretically all panis long and strong medicine work in similar ways, i. But practically it is found that not all these pills give you the same kind of results. Some of them give you amazing results while others may be a bit disappointing. Xtra Large is the undisputed king of male enlargement pills when it comes to real life results.

We have seen results where people have gained as much as inches of length in just a few months of its usage. Although this much increase in size is not universal but statistical data suggests that an average size increase of inches is possible in most of the cases where xtra large capsules are used for a continuous period of minimum 3 months. Unlike other medicines Xtra Large is the only medicine which makes your panis both long and strong.

Most of the products available for penis enlargement either increase the length or girth. But your enlargement goals will never be achieved successfully unless there is a holistic improvement in your panis size and health.

By holistic improvement we mean an all round development of the penis not only in terms of length and girth but also its proper functioning. So even if you have a long panis but it is not strong enough to give you a hard erection or if it is so sensitive that you ejaculate soon after vaginal penetration there is no use of such a size. That is why we have put in every effort while making xtra large that you get larger size and stronger penis.

In short a panis long and strong medicine for overall sexual health. In a developing country like India the awareness regarding sexual dysfunctions is very less. People have very limited resources and almost no information about the treatments and medicine available for penis enlargement.

The ayurvedic system of medicine is specifically flooded predominantly with quacks or by qualified ayurvedacharyas who practically have no or very limited knowledge and awareness about the latest trends and scientific advancements. If we talk about India you must have seen advertisements in the daily news papers from different dawakhanas or clinics.

But if you visit them personally you will come to know that most of them are non qualified professionals. The irony is that knowing all these things people still take their services and treatments just to do more harm than good for themselves.

But times are now changing. People are gaining awareness and more and more people specially the younger generation is getting educated.

They know what is right and what is wrong for them. We receive many calls and e-mails from patients who claim to have used various penis enlargement medicines from sellers in India but did not notice even an inch of increase in the size. It becomes increasingly difficult for us to convince such patients about the possibility.

They always have a doubt in their mind about penis enlargement. Some of them just don't believe while those who take our advice and start the treatment are now living their life with more joy, happiness, and with greater self esteem. When a men gets sexually excited the brain releases nitric oxide into the blood stream.

At the lower level the nerves of the penis also come into excitation mode and causes the micro vasculature of the corpora cavernosa to dilate several times. This causes blood rushing into the penis. The veins which take the blood out of the penis gets constricted. So a lot of blood comes into but the exit route is almost closed. The blood gets filled inside the penis tissue making it hard up and rigid. When the ejaculation happens and orgasm is achieved the accumulated blood is again released out and the erection subsides.

Xtra Large Capsules increase the power of erection by releasing more Nitric Oxide in the blood. The penis growth starts with the onset of puberty when body starts producing testosterone. This hormone is mainly responsible for the external sexual characters in man. The growth of penis also depends largely on the male hormone but several other factors have also been discovered which may cause sub optimal penis growth.

Testosterone deficiency, dietary deficiency, genetic structure, obesity, indulgence in unnatural sexual activity in early age, chronic illness like tuberculosis and typhoid and diabetes, injuries to the penis are known to reduce penis growth.

Penis is the main sex organ in man required for successful coitus. It attains maximum size after puberty. Testosterone, also known as the male hormone is responsible for the secondary sexual characters like beard, heavy voice, broad shoulders and muscularity. The growth of penis and testes also depends heavily on this hormone. The penis is composed of the following parts:.

It is the front head portion of the penis. It is covered with the foreskin and mucous membrane. In circumcised men there is no foreskin. The foreskin is surgical removal and the mucous membrane dries to form skin over the glans.

It is the most sensitive part of the penis. Many nerve ending are present there making it sensitive to touch and sexual stimulus. In the middle of the glans penis there is a slit like opening of the urethra.

Urine and semen both come out of the body through this opening. This is a tissue which runs along the sides of the penis shaft in two parts. Numerous small blood vessels are woven around this tissue which supply blood into the penis at the time of erection. This is a cylinder like layer of spongy tissue which runs in the center and lower part of the shaft of penis. The urethra is encapsulated in this tissue. It also swells during erection and prevents the urethra to collapse when the penis becomes hard.

Are you having difficulties in your sex life? Nowadays sexual dysfunctions have become a common factor in men. Most men feel super hesitant to even talk about it, let alone take any help. If you are one of them and facing difficulty to get an … [Read more]. Male enlargement pills are one of those secrets that men tend to hide a lot. One common reason people choose to take Viagra is to increase the size of their penis.

This is often a marketing tool that many people fall for, and its why Viagra is one of the largest-selling drugs on the market. But does it really? Are the … [Read more].

For many people looking for natural male enhancement, sometimes they choose Viagra Manforce in India. However, some might be cautious of what the side effects of Viagra might be. This article will discuss the Viagra side effects to consider, and a … [Read more]. The penis is an important part of the male reproductive system. The other parts include the testicles, the prostate gland and the seminal vesicles. When working to increase the size of your penis you should remember that the penis is made up of a … [Read more].

There are only a few things that can crush your spirit and willpower.

Penis Or Dick Enlargement Capsules Must Be Safe, Result Oriented & Affordable.

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